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Full Version: RHD Project for auction, 1st Sept 2018
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Quote:A little update...most of the latest work has been on the brakes. Restored callipers and an upgrade on the front, with 4 pot Princess callipers and ventilated discs. New wheel bearings and flexible brake pipes.
Ohh they look nice, did you have them or did you manage to find the calipers? I take it they are Ed's ventilated discs?
All looking superb Chris!
I agree with everyone, I’m liking those callipers!!!

Coming along nicely.

Hi Chris / Tris,
The brakes on these right handers always seem rather poor to me.

I had to fully overhaul the system anyway, so I thought I go the whole hog and get them as good as I possibly could. The old callipers needed a complete refurb and for another few quid I could go to 4 pot as I also needed new discs, so why not go to ventilated?

The callipers are readily available on eBay, new or second hand, (this is just one example, search around). I gave them a quick spray with gold calliper paint on top of the zinc..just for looks.

If you google them, there are lots written about them. They are very popular with the boy racer / modifier chaps.  They are a simple 'bolt on addition' on a DeLorean and perfectly matched to the ventilated discs.

 I suppose Arran gets them from Ed, but I've never asked. (Arran sells my books and I get paid in works very well...with very quick delivery)

My current job is wrestling away the old rear flexible brake pipes and fitting our club ones....a real pain the backside...even on a lift in a nice warm garage!
This is an interesting article about the Princess callipers.

There seems to have been a few versions over the years and 10 years ago they were like 'hens teeth', I think they must have been re-manufactured since then.

The eBay link I sent were the one's I bought...mainly because you got the whole deal...pads, pins etc. They are even cheaper if you buy 2 sets! (Two cars worth).
A final thought,
over the years, loads of folk have mentioned to me that they have suffered 'distorted' front discs, possibly due to occasional heavy braking, poor steel...who knows. But by their very nature, ventilated discs are much more robust and less like to suffer distortion. Another plus point?
(13 Jan 2019, 09:37)Chris P Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Chris / Tris,
The brakes on these right handers always seem rather poor to me.

When I drove AXI1698 for you to the NEC, the brakes scared me half to death! I drove a steam train a few years ago and the braking experience was similar - apply brakes, put the kettle on, wait for intertia to do it's thing...
And yet on 522 (Flashy) they were really good...but then again it was Girling brake test car. And utilising the original brake servo, rather than the rather complicated 'duel servo' set up on some of the other RHD cars.
Quote:I suppose Arran gets them from Ed, but I've never asked
Yep the discs are Ed's but the calipers Arran sells are the normal ones with a spacer kit. Yours seem a much better option. Better get some money spent!
I'm pondering this upgrade too I'm chuffed it's bolt on, Aren't the vented discs from a mk1 Golf?

Before you all go rushing off to buy your kit....Ive just tried the wheel on for the first time. Its basically fine, they rotate freely and the gaps are adequate.  But ideally if you were starting from a clean piece of paper, you would design the 2 calliper mounting holes to be about 5mm closer to the hub. Or if the discs were 3 mm bigger that also would help.

The slight problem is there is about 2or3 mm of brake pad higher than the disc.

As the pads are slightly tapered and slide into a tapered gap, I recon I can reduce the width of the metal back plate slightly and they fit slightly lower down, I can then pad up the pins slightly to stop them moving up. Not ideal, but I'm going to give it a try.

I attach some photo's so you can see the issue.
I did the same conversion last year and had the same 3mm pad overhang. l bought a spare pair of pads and removed loads of Pad plate from the sides being careful to keep the same shape, but to move the pads that far in I reckon you will have to remove loads of the back plate of the pads. l bottled it and put the standard pads back in as i didnt want the modified pads spinning out just when I needed them.

l left it with the overhang and have covered about 500 miles with no problems. just means I will have to remove the overhang every couple of years.

I have seen the same issue reported on capri and escort forums where the same mod is carried out.

Brakes are better with more feel, still not as good as modern brake systems. but that would need a new dual diaphram servo I think.


I posted about this on the other forum Undecided Undecided
Thats good news then...thanks for the info . Ive just noticed that the read brake pads are level with stock.
looking at your photos you may have the anti rattle shim for the unvented disc calipers. There are wider shims made for the wider caliper I think. But I could be wrong.
That makes sense, they didn't seem to fit quite right. I will have to try and get the correct one's..if needed
[attachment=491] [attachment=492]
I attach a couple of un-related photo's that may be in Book 2......if it happens!

Back to the thread......I  am awaiting a different type of pads, if they don't sort it, I'll set about modifying the other set.

Quite an interesting exercise and I'll let you know how I get on.
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