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Full Version: RHD Project for auction, 1st Sept 2018
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From what I've seen on FB, James Russell-Grant is remaking the headlight trims and then DGo are selling them on.

Sad to see Delores up for sale again ChrisP, she's always been such a special car to you.
Quite correct Claire.

 Matt is so busy with his day job they agreed James RG should make them.

 The patterns were taken off Nigel's, AXI 1697 ..shortly after we met up at Bletchley Park.

Yes Claire, but I think 20 years ownership is probably enough for AXI 1698.

 And I want to put some  miles on MGJ next year.....and get a few more holidays in as well!
It'll be 17yrs tomorrow that 'Flopsy' has been in my physical ownership, hopefully next year we can make a start on the rebuild.......
[attachment=681][attachment=680][attachment=679]A little update folks.....two steps forward, one step back!  

I was a little careless yesterday. Now I've finally bolted on the refurbished Master cylinder, and last servo, all that was needed was to bleed the brakes! .....easy..?

  I usually use one of those device's that pressurise the brake fluid with air from your spare wheel.  Not normally a problem......except when you forget that it was pumped to to 50 psi , so I could push the car easily around my garage!  Result?  It blew of the plastic fitting off the top of the master cylinder and sprayed brake fluid all over the place....incuding my recently scrubbed garage floor! Blush

I'll have another go tomorrow!
A bit of a red-letter day,  having finally finished the brakes off, the car drove under its own power for the first time in over 30 years.

The brakes were a right pain in the neck to bleed. With everything being new, or newly refurbished, it took nearly a gallon of brake fluid to get the air out.  Only then did I dare try it under its own power...I only drove around the block....but it good after about 15 months of see that it actually works. Smile

I have some video but I cant seem to post it...too big?
All looks very nice, did the front wheels fit all OK over the Princess calipers?

Yes they fit fine Chris.......I will be very interested to see how they work once everything has bedded in.

Tris C has kindly uploaded onto youtube, MGJ / AXI's fist short drive since it was put away in its damp garage in the early 1980's. 

(filmed yesterday 7th Dec. 2019) 

see.  thanks Tris......

I then took it for a quick drive around the block Big Grin      The back of my overalls are cleaner than the front! Blush

Having owned and worked on this car for over a year......I've only just spotted a glaring fault! 
  Did anyone else spot it at the NEC and was too polite to mention it?   (Mike Hooper)?

The top picture is the issue... obviously the Factory didn't employ a "Chis Nicholson".......But someone had a go at it...after a fashion.

Its funny, but now I know its there, I cant take my eyes off it, but I suspect I wasn't the only who didn't spot it!  

I'm leaving it as it is...its part of its history... Rolleyes

I wonder if this wing came off vin 500?
In Jan 1981, Vin  500, or Job 1 as it was known, the "first" production car.   Was being test driven by Lotus's Mike Foxton, as he  practiced  JZD's first drive, of the first car, off production line and out of the building... Unfortunately Mike collided with  a mental stillage (pallet) in the yard, damaging the front wing...........See page 148 of DCTI.  Angry

As we know, 2 years later, during the final days of receivership, the receiver orders 'get anything on wheels saleable' (in the UK).

The engineers dragged all and everything out of the dark corners, many of which had already been robbed of parts and they 'bolted on' anything they could find.  This is why many of the early cars / RHD cars ended up with the later flat bonnets. 

LH front wings and grooved bonnets were already scarce and the engineers may have sorted through the 'scrap pile' looking for any stuff they could repair and use.

I may take the wing off one day, and see if there is any  'cave writing' on the back of it.......but it matters not.  Undecided
Never noticed that!
Just a tiny update folk. Ive had to re-arrange my garage this morning in anticipation on another car arriving. ( more of that later )  Ive not started MGJ for about a month and up to now it has needed the assistance of a puff of brake cleaner. However this morning it started second turn of the key and that is great news.(to me)

I had pencilled in some of our technical club members to cast an eye over it.  But It just shows that avoiding altering and adjusting any settings really can sometimes be the best approach. I can only conclude that the frequent starts and little engine runs have dissolved some of the crud still /freed off stuff in the system.  
Its also worth noting that its still on its original battery (that it arrived with) it wasn't new and was dead flat. After a good charge up it has performed faultlessly. This I put down to me using my battery isolating switch ...every single time.


Any potential buyers out there looking for a modestly price car, that is very original, good original interior, that has not been used for 20 years and has been in dry storage. (check out the dust) and is now running and moving, is not rotten and has a FANTASTIC history is a Black interior Auto., but I can honestly say that it is an historic of the missing ones, which just needs further re-commissioning. It is UK registered, It should not have the full resto treatment (IMO) The price is £25K firm.

The owner does not want to be himself or the car identified and all serious enquires should come through me....and ....NO...I'm not taking any sort of commission!  (I never do).  More later. I will not divulge the vin number at this time....but you will not be disappointed!  The photo was when it was 'Found"..or should I say, when the owner lost his storage and was obliged to move it 


I know this isn't the proper place for this , but I'm pleased to say one of our members has expressed a keen interest in the car.
The car thats now learking on my garage lift belongs to a long time club member, who's doing it up.

It's not the one for sale, or nearly sold, should I say.  Just a coincidence of timing. Shy
So whats on the way???????? Shy
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