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Full Version: RHD Project for auction, 1st Sept 2018
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Sounds great! Almost back to the glory days...

[Image: 46133664781_1409c39524_b.jpg]

[Image: 31194624307_806b79a5b4_b.jpg]

A bit of a way to go yet Matt...Still, one step at a looks like you driving it in 1983 for its photo shoot. ?
I Guess all these cars that are now being brought out of hibernation from all quarters of the globe tend to have similar but different, rather predictable issues. Damp UK one's like this, are unusual...more common are the sun damaged one's from the USA.    They have perhaps more predictable issues, cracked dash's baked rubber etc..

As a group, I think we are all very lucky, the basic design is very robust and long lived and for 'comparatively modest money',  say 20-30 k, we have something really unique  as a 'project' much would an E Type or a Merc Gullwing  project fetch by comparison?  I know which one I'd sooner have !

Onwards and upwards chaps.  Angel
[attachment=465 Wrote:Stuart Rees pid='49509' dateline='1535715557']

There were more DeLoreans outside, Rissy

I've been studying the video and photo's of this auction.....if you re-look, you will note that the large white 'details label' is always  stuck to the passenger side of the windscreen ....obviously so that it dosen't impede the drivers view...therefor the last in line here must be the RHD, AXI 1699.

(according to the newspaper article) was bought by Cluterbook's, who re-registered the car on the mainland and made the MGJ reg plates, when they sold it to Martin Walton.
As I prepare for another days work on the car (the joy of being retired) and have reviewed this thread, I realise I've failed to give my good chum and family friend Andrew Westerman, much credit!

My apologies Andrew.

Not only did Andrew hire a transporter and drive down to 'Battle" and back, to load and collect MGJ with Matt, and then safely delivered it into my garage, but he has helped and advised me on numerous occasions over the last few months, as I've been working on it and trying to get it going.

..It only seems 10 mins since, I took him for his first a ride in a DeLorean as a teenager, years later,  he has bought and sold and more importantly, imported and re-commissioned more cars than anyone else I know! 

 Well done Andrew and thanks. Big Grin
hear hear, well said Chrispy.

I'll be forever grateful to Andrew for staying with me when Flopsy broke down 2yrs ago, and using his Honda to sheild us from traffic heading up the slip road towards us at motorway speeds. He waited with me for about 2hrs until a recovery truck arrived to lift the car and get us home.

A true gent indeed.
Thirded! Andy is a top man and he definitely knows his onions - does the club proud.
A little update folks..Finally got my handbrake working after 30+ years of neglect.

  With this being a RHD conversion, many of the bits were obviously hand fabricated at the factory.....or "bodged".....  as some of us would say!

   I had to remove the H/B lever because the cable came out as I was mucking about at the wheel end. There were multiple bolts that had rusted solid and had to be carefully drilled out. Still, all done now, here are a few pickys.  

also I discovered some writings on the bottom of the underbody .....What do you make of them?
Im guessing something like "VTB 1588" or "V..5883" from what the very faint writing says.
Maybe a number based on when it was being converted to rhd?
Nice work Chris, must be 'interesting' working on all the RHD modifications...

Writing looks to me like 18883 ( 18th August 1983?) and the mechanics initials V W perhaps.
It was sold at auction in Nov 82.  It was put into storage early on......His mate, who later looked after it, was a VW dealer. Perhaps he serviced it for him before it was stored?  Makes sense??
[attachment=483][attachment=482][attachment=481][attachment=480]A little update...most of the latest work has been on the brakes. Restored callipers and an upgrade on the front, with 4 pot Princess callipers and ventilated discs. New wheel bearings and flexible brake pipes.

 Getting stuff to bits has been a challenge!  Most things were seized solid and requiring lots of heat, freeing oil and time and patience!.......onwards and upwards .....TooT TooT.
Nice upgrade at the front Chris. 
I'm just about to refurbish my calipers, did you do them yourself or was it a company?
Hi Stuart,

Andrew W sent them off for me, but to be honest, after talking to Claire and Phil at our Christmas bash, I think I may have chosen the wrong company. They effectively ruined the hand brake mechanism, by plating it all in one piece and dissolving some of the innards! Phil's company was also cheaper.

 The Princess one's I bought new...or newly refurbished from eBay, at about £195 the pair... a good price. The Flexible brake pipes were from the our Club and the ventilated discs were from D-go.

Just working on the rear brake pipes now....everything seized up, spinning around or snapping off as usual, including the fixings for the  large Aluminium shield plates....... Angry.....all so unnecessary ..if only the Waxoyl used in the engine bay and been used under the car as well. Sad

Young William has visited this morning and found the worlds biggest snail stuck to the rear window......goodness knows where its been lurking for the last few months! Obviously its not adversed to WD40!
(12 Jan 2019, 13:02)Chris P Wrote: [ -> ]Young William has visited this morning and found the worlds biggest snail stuck to the rear window......goodness knows where its been lurking for the last few months! Obviously its not adversed to WD40!
It was definitely large.
Was good to come down since I'd never driven that far in my own car alone since I've passed my driving test
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