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Full Version: RHD Project for auction, 1st Sept 2018
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Chris is pilot 20 still lurking around in your garage somewhere if so you should get a photo of all 3 together would look cool
Pilot 20 has passed on to another 'custodian' weeks ago. Otherwise I would not have been able to even think about acquiring MGJ.

Having now got it on the lift and had a good look underneath, I can report it is rusty in places, especially the suspension, but thankfully not rotten. 

Disassembling bits will be time consuming and tricky......all soaking in WD40 now, to help the process.

 Just taken the wheels in to be re-painted.
Hope pilot 20 is in good hands also I guess thats a relief in a way that its not rotting. Rust is easily fixed
IT RUNS!!!  30 days since my last post...It Runs.  Big Grin Big Grin
Excellent news Chris!! Well done!
Congratulations Chris, knew you were close to it the other day!
I am doing a write up for the club mag, but off the top of head:-

First job spray WD40 almost everywhere...several times..used over 4 litres ! Ive also used a dozen kitchen rolls.

Clean it up...the interior has scrubbed up lovely, including the seats and carpets. The stainless is also very good.
Fitted new gas struts all round, cleaned, wire brushed, painted missing areas on chassis, removed petrol tank, cleaned it out...including all the crud that had fallen off the fuel pump. New fuel pump.... twisty stainless wire up the pickup pipe (thanks for the Video Martin),  new silicone cooling pipes, clean up all the alloy pipes, refasten with double hose clips. New fuel filter (horrible job done yesterday) new injector pipes, flush out petrol system....charge up ancient battery....It all worked!!   Coughed and spluttered ...but it lives again!  I'm so chuffed. Ive got lots of video and photo's , but apparently its too big to post, but I'm sure some of you clever folk would know how to do it.

I've not even tried the transmission or brakes yet....but they are just lives again!  Angel

I woke up with rotten cold, went to a funeral this morning......but the afternoon was magic Big Grin
Send me the photos/videos Chris - I’ll post them up if you wanted.


And very well done with all that hard work!
[Image: 891D9ECB-B784-4379-86F0-F437CA944CFD.jpeg][Image: 5FA654E2-BA16-45C4-A749-A78E6B67AB19.jpeg]

[Image: F550B307-8294-4214-910A-E7374734B55C.jpeg]
[Image: F20522F6-28E1-4F01-AF48-A8B6C0F39BB6.jpeg]
[Image: C7ABEA4B-C886-4569-945E-6A2A81939B9B.jpeg]

[Image: D31CB4F3-600B-422B-A742-9B82DEFD5B7B.jpeg]
[Image: 012A5C39-A569-4BB0-B49D-4A5D99FB87B4.jpeg]
[Image: 632B8B29-398A-4BB6-A137-AE57ACBF4F25.jpeg]
[Image: 0C08EAC3-1F8C-4CAA-A26F-3AAF02594F45.jpeg]

[Image: CC8EEDE8-3ABD-47DB-BCA0-D896BD551976.jpeg]

[Image: C54AE56B-3128-402D-A449-4AB10F9953D4.jpeg]

[Image: 9C30382B-E0CC-49B9-BB0A-E213B4DE9151.jpeg]

[Image: 6473323A-B237-4686-B222-F5B81EE95A03.jpeg]

[Image: 7C93042A-E451-4358-8B62-CEF119A56FC0.jpeg]

[Image: 67AE1A20-0764-4E42-9B60-89A84E1F98BB.jpeg]

[Image: 7FC3F633-B4ED-49E3-9765-BC0CB793000F.jpeg]
[Image: 830F3ECC-BDD7-48C4-BD68-C8E4047BA145.jpeg]

[Image: D05F247A-4452-473C-B882-7E3A82C3CC63.jpeg]
[Image: E257793A-5AD9-4FD3-96CA-1FE65FDE80C5.jpeg]
[Image: D1D8B22B-8AB2-4EDD-8A33-612440CED93C.jpeg]

[Image: ACA47D95-FFBF-4866-9C89-EB1E93FF1AD5.jpeg]

[Image: 2133B604-8535-4C35-8A6B-53F6045D2839.jpeg]

And a video clip!

Well done Chris!!!!
And of course Mr Westerman Smile

Thanks for your help in posting this stuff Tris, you are a star. Wink
Quote:[Image: 7C93042A-E451-4358-8B62-CEF119A56FC0.jpeg]

Great pics!  The one above is pretty awesome!
Yes, the first time in 35 years that they have been together again. Smile
Road trip to Nigel's?
Not for a while yet! No where near MOTable.
can I have this one for the Club Calendar?
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