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Full Version: RHD Project for auction, 1st Sept 2018
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Smile Thanks Will
Many happy returns Chris, here's to many more :-)

Means you're almost exactly 30 years older than me, as I have just started being defined by a '4' rather than a '3'!!
Its better than the alternative Richard!
Wise words CP.

And Happy Birthday Smile
Happy bday Chrispy!
Thanks Matt, when will you be in Derbyshire again?
Not sure - we're in NY next week for a week, and then I start a new job - maybe around April?
(23 Jan 2019, 14:35)Chris P Wrote: [ -> ]I'm hoping so Stewart, but have not 'seriously' enquired until I have got an MOT in my hands.

It only had the AXI 1699 number on it, whilst at the Factory and for about 2 years in total......but has been MGJ 126Y for the last 36 years!

I'm not 100% sure which number would best on the car!     Any Ideas folks?  Undecided

If it’s possible it has to be AXI..... If not you have your answer!
A little update...still working on the brakes, my refurbished Brake servo's and master cylinder arrived yesterday , made a start fitting them, but packing for my holidays is more urgent!  Wink

The brakes have probably been the biggest challenge. "living the outdoor life" as Matt puts it has taken its toll. I've had to replace or restore every single part of the braking system. Still not quite finished, due to holidays intervening, but nearly so.

Getting stuff 'to bits' was the biggest challenge don't just pop a spanner on it and off you go!! Oh no, every single nut bolt and washer was sized up solid. A lengthy and tedious series of.... WD40.... Heat gun....hammers and spanners, etc. has eventually won through. But I wouldn't have liked to tackle the job without a lift......and lots of spare time. One hasty action and you end up with something 'snapped off'. Angry   That hasn't happened, i've been careful, if long-winded. You have to be a bit like a Doctor..... "First do no harm".

Everything that needed to come to bits, has been, and put back together with oil or copper grease etc. Rolleyes

If only the Waxoyl that was used on the top of the engine (30 years ago) had been sprayed underneath the car....this job would have been done months ago. Still...on the final lap now.  More later. Smile

More later...BTW we have a local club member and good chum who is looking for a standard silencer...Can anyone help?

 Got a bit of re-plating done, Zinc and yellow.....rough cost at most platers would be about £40-50, but doesn't it make a difference! Big Grin
Certainly surprisingly cheaper than the equivalent cost for powder-coating which is my recent experience.
But more importantly Richard.....its as the factory did it!

 Not I slavishly want everything to look 'Factory'....but as you say, if it doesn't cost shedloads of money and it looks good why not?

I regularly fit self-bleeders, better exhaust systems, better otterstat pipes, battery isolating switches, upgraded springs, better electrical relays and LED bulbs etc.  These make the car more useable, but most of them 'Joe public' wouldn't spot.
(23 Jun 2019, 07:55)Chris P Wrote: [ -> ]But more importantly Richard.....its as the factory did it!

Indeed, if one is doing them anyway, then they might as well be 'right'.
As Sir Henry Royce used to say... "what ever is rightly done, however humble, is noble".

 (He used to live about a mile away from my house).  Angel
For those of you who like the headlight trims fitted to the AXI cars, I see D go now have them in stock

I like these trims, 

 Matt Clarke first reproduced you know they were only fitted by the factory on two cars....AXI 1697 and AXI 1699. ...and now AXI 1698!    But I suspect they would have been an option later on.

Regards to fixing them, I would go with the screwed one...that how they were done at the factory.  But as you won't have a very thick piece of plastic bumper to screw into, I'd use a weak double sided tape as well.

 Remember you will probably have to grind off bits of the back, to make them fit properly...before fitting permanently.
Yes you would have to remove them again, if you need to remove the headlight...but how many times do you need to do that?
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