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Full Version: RHD Project for auction, 1st Sept 2018
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Can't see any roof ariels Phil. The side markers look regular as well.  I'm not sure Wooler did the AXI's or other grey interior cars.
(28 Aug 2018, 21:41)Chris P Wrote: [ -> ]Can't see any roof ariels Phil. The side markers look regular as well.  I'm not sure Wooler did the AXI's or other grey interior cars.

AXI 1698 (VIN 5638) and AXI 1699 (VIN 5730) were definitely at Wooler-Hodec Chris. See pages 357 and 359 of "Celebrating the Impossible" by Chris Parnham! 

It's quite hard to make out in the photo but in my opinion those door trim panels appear to be grey and the headliners look like the later style light grey ones. The three cars in the photo also all appear to have the later style silver wheels whereas almost all of the other 121XX Wooler-Hodec cars had the early style grey wheels since they have all - so far - turned out to be early production cars originally in the 5XX and 6XX VIN range.

I would imagine the little details that differentiate the AXI cars visually from the other 121XX cars like the side markers, roof aerials, rub strips etc were fitted later when the cars returned to Dunmurry and once the UK homologation spec was firmed up.

The idea that the RHD conversion work on the three AXI cars was carried out in its entirety at Dunmurry has never really made much sense to me when you consider:

a) There was a small engineering department in-house at Dunmurry and a further engineering department in Coventry but as far as I know, neither one was a fully fledged industrial fabrication set-up like Wooler-Hodec.
b) While DMC was in receivership it's unlikely they would have had the capital to suddenly increase the engineering / fabrication resource in-house. Surely it would have been cheaper and quicker to outsource the job to the firm who had already developed, converted and tested a number of cars already by that point.

c) As I understand it, DMC were intending to outsouce the RHD conversion work to Wooler-Hodec anyway when the RHD cars went into production, so why suddenly bring the work in-house just to produce three cars?

Perhaps it's accurate to say the AXI cars were "completed" at the factory, but converted? Personally I think the evidence points against it.

Of course, that being said it doesn't for one moment change the fact that it's a very special and historically significant car and it's really great to see you finally getting to "live the dream" with this one after such a long wait. I'm looking forward to seeing it back on the road.
Hi Phil,

Unfortunately many of the people who were most directly involved had passed to the 'great garage in the sky' by the time And & I started looking into this in detail. And some that did survive, had conflicting versions of what occurred. Thats why we have not been too specific about these events in our book.

But right from our first involvement, the 3 cars were referred to, by most folk as 'The Factory RHD's.'.....It matters I've said before, all DeLorean are special  .....

....This one has always been very special to me, since I first saw it on the front cover of Motor Makers in Ireland, which as you probably know was published just before the factory was finally closed. 

It is also a book the JZD personally signed for me, 5 years before his death.  Sad

[attachment=388][attachment=389] It's being collected today by Andrew W and Matt C.  can't wait to see it in the to speak. Big Grin
On its way back to Derby thanks to two very damp volunteers.  The initial verdict.......[attachment=390] much better than expected!

You probably can't see it from this picture, but the grill badge is totally unique (to my knowledge) being recessed as part of the grill!

And it has the rubber headlight/facia trims that Matt C is re-creating.
Couple more picks, a big thank you to Andrew and Matt....ETA this afternoon! Big Grin
Well I've always said they look better in the rain...

Cosmetically the car is really tidy. There's the usual issues re: saggy headliners etc but the panel fit looks superb, the doors close wonderfully, and from what little I could see underneath, the chassis looks ok? I dare say you have a bargain as RHDs go! The interior looked good on first inspection. It was great seeing this unicorn car being towed out of a wet field! I also got to drive it while Andy pushed, so technically I've driven two of the three factory RHDs Wink

That grille is *really* interesting, it felt like 1 piece of plastic - with the badge moulded in, all in black, and the silver letters appear to be an applique over the plastic. Felt like a pro job, not an aftermarket one - so I would love to know more about that.

You'll be very happy when you get her!

I think you've also become a custodian of one of the great-great-great-great-great-great grandkids of the snails from 2002!

[Image: 44294995602_16caef137c_b.jpg]
I knew I recognised the MGJ Reg.....

My very first DOC news!!!!

[Image: 3512747C-5CA7-455C-8B1C-5DDEAD10C89C.jpeg]

[Image: 7DCBC945-DF9A-4D1F-A6E2-CD896D3E09E2.jpeg]

I look forward to coming to see it myself at some point!! 
Well done CP
I like the last paragraph in that article... It has gone to the right owner, that's for sure!
Great stuff! Looking forward to seeing more pics and details on this as You get stuck into. It Chris!
All great stuff, that front badge is really interesting. Wonder what the story is behind that?
2 large Costco Kitchen rolls later, the interior is looking a lot better, the seats are eventually clean after repeated scrubbing with Wiko leather cleaner and Glipstone leather treatment......spray, scrub, wipe, ditto , ditto, Only stop when the kitchen roll comes back damp but clean. 

Very therapeutic, same with carpets, spray (water) rub, blot. Works every time. Photo's tomorrow..I've had enough for tonight. Sleepy
Pickup pictures! It was actually really strange to see this car in the flesh after all it's small, fuzzy appearances in old magazines, and even odder to know I had posters of it on my wall 20 + years ago....

[Image: 30485006408_aeaf097aae_b.jpg]
[Image: 43635699154_33d8855509_b.jpg]
[Image: 30485009108_d08e91813c_b.jpg]
[Image: 43635694034_8902c32f05_b.jpg]
[Image: 43635706674_1d20d7e7a7_b.jpg]
[Image: 43635700704_686845d33a_b.jpg]
[Image: 43635697864_0376f7b359_b.jpg]
[Image: 43635700274_8ecf55972f_b.jpg]

Note different rub strip to the other RHDs:

[Image: 30485008588_6dbed40a1b_b.jpg]
[Image: 43635708324_65cddd43d3_b.jpg]

[Image: 43635699784_69204afd3c_b.jpg]
[Image: 43635708614_00e9274e65_b.jpg]
[Image: 44303508492_8781ac9a8f_b.jpg]
[Image: 43635698504_98321c4b38_b.jpg]
[Image: 43446438695_5933f08019_b.jpg]

The grille is very interesting - this doesn't look like a hobby job to me. If anything it's a more advanced moulding than the factory one; look at the way the grille fins go over the recess for the badge - yet by virtue of having what I think is a plastic badge with a silver transfer on top, it's of a cheaper finish/look than stock. I'd love to know what was going on here.

[Image: 44303509152_40bb1a62aa_b.jpg]
[Image: 43635707744_ced177fcac_b.jpg]
Hi Matt,
thank you so much for your wonderful photos ( I can't figure out how to post them like that!!).

The engine bay pictures tell the story of what it is like under the Stainless surface. From 10 feet away it looks very good...but look closer and it doesn't. I recon that if I took it to Chris N to work his magic, I could spend £20 or 30K and end up with an 'as-new' car. But thats not what I want (or can afford)

It may seem strange to some of you that my first job was to set about cleaning the car, especially the interior. But I want to give the car back its dignity.

It should be no surprise that the door and panel fit is  very good, as it was one of the publicity / pool cars for the senior factory managers, possibly even JZD occasionally on his infrequent visits. It clocked up about 20K miles in a couple of years before being sold at auction, during liquidation.
Then it passed through the hands of a couple of dealers and ended up with Martin...his dream car.... but he couldn't afford the £5K p/a insurance. So it was put in a lock up garage, complete with custom car cover and there it sat, in the dark for a few years, then the roof started leaking, nobody noticed because its was left undisturbed..... in the damp for about 15 years.

Following my visit, Martin had it taken to his mates VW garage, who got it going again. Eventually it ended up in his storage facility....In practice, a field full of other cars.   It's been unloved and unused for 30 years. Last night was the first time in many years, that it slept in a nice dry garage.

My plan is simple, clean it up and get it running, I won't be doing a full strip-down, but disturbing as little as possible and  keeping as many of the original parts as I can.   Just working my way around, slowly and carefully putting stuff right.  Visitors will be very welcome.

I think I've been lucky, the frame looks OK, the interior will clean up, the stainless is 95% dent free, the body and glass are all good. The engine can be turned over and its not been messed about with. It is as described..a project my project. Smile
Great pics! Some unique bits on the car by the looks of it. Hopefully we can find out some more about them.

Is that the last of the factory RHD's or was there one more?
It is believed that one of Dave Howarth's RHD's, "WIA" was converted later....It was a custom job for 80's pop idle John Taylor of Duran Duran. But as much of this work was done during Receivership....records and few and far between.
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