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Full Version: RHD Project for auction, 1st Sept 2018
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(02 Oct 2018, 17:16)Guinney1971 Wrote: [ -> ]can I have this one for the Club Calendar?

Absolutally Claire, it would be a pleasure I'll send you my best resolution one and perhaps some other possible choices.
Looking at throttle butterflies ..very sticky...and black. My O rings were not much good either!   Now its all got to come apart anyway to refurbish the water pump, which is now leaking badly.

Replaced more of the water hoses and clips and while I was at it, ungraded the otterstat for the new design.
Well done Chris, those pictures and video make me very happy that the car got into the right hands.

Lots to do... but she's saved!

Wish me luck as I march towards......... "The Valley of the Shadow of Death"......I shall fear evil ....(apart from the odd broken bolt!)

Water pump next!

Water pump removed and posted to Dave H for refurbishment.  One bolt had to be drilled out.

 The outlet from the pump was pretty well blocked up with crudd, as is the small pipe in the bottom.

 I'm a little concerned about the state on the waterways, but I will flush the system out a couple of times and see how we go. Hopefully no permanent damage done,and I think it will all clean up OK.
nice work Chris!
Fantastic progress, Chris. 

Are you going to 'coat' the valley with something? 
This is one job I'll be doing over the winter too...
[attachment=447] (the reg. number is  still only a mock up...... at the moment)

I don't think so Stuart.

It has already survived many decades of neglect. I think flushing it out a few times and then checking it has the correct ant-freeze will protect it internally.  I will clean up and wire brush 'the valley' and double check there are no leaks in there.

Painting it could end up like the damaged epoxy on the chassis, or the damp gaps between the alloy pipes and rubber hoses. Stuff seems to fester if it can't breath properly or is constantly damp. Sad

The car will probably spend the rest its life securely dry garaged, (when not in use) and if it does get caught out in the wet...the heat of the cooling engine, will dry off.

  It can't corrode without damp.......its damp days are over now. Smile
Water pump going back on today, after Dave H had it restored. New bearings fitted in the idler pulleys, (one was sized up, the other not much better)' The lower mounting bracket/adjuster, was badly bent as some heavy-handed mechanic had tightened up the long tensioning bolt too much. I replaced it for one I had in stock.

 Lots of other stuff to do before I finally put the inlet manifold back. including fitting the new lower water pipe and vacuum heater valve, spark plugs.....(all from D-Go)  etc etc etc.  Rolleyes

[attachment=460][attachment=461]better pickys
Coming on nicely there Chris.
Yes Claire,

There is corrosion, but it is only superficial and has now been cleaned up and is all going back together nicely.

it was great to have Chris W's section of 'sliced up cylinder block' at the NEC and together with my photo's, explain to a great number of interested folk, how well these engines can take decades of neglect with minimal serious damage.

And to have Chris N's immaculate turbo car, with its engine bay all lit up, contrasted nicely with my photo's.....was a real bonus.
[attachment=463] My work in the 'Valley" is now complete. New plugs and  leads, new o rings, lower water pipe, hoses, clips gaskets etc etc.

It now starts on the button , and the horrible noise generated by the idler bearings and water pump has now gone. I've changed the engine oil and the oil filter twice. New drive belts and the water is circulating around the system properly and the fans kick in and out.

Next job is to flush out the cooling system again and put the antifreeze in...when I'm sure there are no leaks.

 Cant do that until I can get it back on its wheels and I can't do that until I finish the extensive work on the brakes, which may  take a good few weeks yet....... But its getting there!  Smile
I quite liked the green Wink
Great work Chris.
I still envy that garage of yours. Smile

Did you install the “self burper” or was that there before you had her?


Car sounds great Chris!

And I’m now also jealous that you have a working radio!!

The self burper /bleeder was partially that had a through-nipple had been fitted to the top of thermostat housing, and a short bit of pipe fitted. I replaced this to our normal tee piece in front of the header tank and a pipe around to that.  It only took  a few mins to bleed the air out and am I very relived that it now keeps nice and cool.

The radio working is a bonus, obviously the damp had not done too much damage.  It doesn't seem to be charging properly, so I will have to investigate that.

Matt, the green had done its was Waxoyl that was spayed all over the engine when it was laid up. Obviously, when later exposed to the light and weather had turned into some sort of mould...but it had partially protected stuff.
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