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Full Version: Project Cars @ BHCC
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Yes it does look pretty good..quite a bit on sun damage, and you never know whats under the paint…...but looks a fair price to me.
They have just listed 2 more as "coming soon".

They should set themselves up as another DMC franchise at this rate.
Project car at $12750: May need a few weeks work!
Ooooo - ouch! Half painted white?

Hopefully there's someone brave enough to to get it back on the road though.
(10 Jan 2016, 09:20)Chris Williams Wrote: [ -> ]May need a few weeks work!

Hahaha, I spot one good panel!
Got one thing going for it though.....Makes me appreciate my blind ebay purchase. :lol:
I see its sold Dan. What was it on for? Funny how the Turbo ones are often troublesome.

Talking of prices, DeLoreans are now worth very close to what they were when they were made…35 years ago…adjusting for inflation.

10-15 years ago they were relatively cheap. I don't think we will ever see those days again.
Been a while since they posted any for sale but this is a new one: at $15750
That is a shocking price for that car. That needs a ton of work.
7 years ago that would have been a $5K Delorean...
One of the better looking project cars I have seen: at $18,750 typical 'hot state' trashed interior but chassis and body look good
That undercarriage sure looks wet, though.
Quote:That undercarriage sure looks wet, though.
Yep your right but it looked to me like a rust-proofer/underseal had been applied, especially when you look at the overspray on the tub
A lot of work to do on that one!
And another, a nice looking car with lots of regalia and accessories included: at $32.500

previous for sale on DMCTalk for $30k in March last year

and then on Craigslist in September for $29k. Doesn't appear to have sold either time, oddly.
Another project at $23,500 (seems a bit steep to me) flakey chassis, interesting interior and side stripe along with what looks like cut out's in the tops of the doors?
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