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Full Version: Project Cars @ BHCC
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And its sold too
Wow that was quick haha

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Decent projects on bhcc arent there long so youve gotta be quick. The car i bought was only there a few days.
Quote:The car i bought was only there a few days.

Somebody snapped it up real quick...oh....yeah Wink
Aaaaand they’re all gone for now.

Curious to see what comes up next [emoji38]

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Pretty nice car for $24,750

If I had a bit more cash I would so buy this [emoji17]

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Quote:If I had a bit more cash I would so buy this
Your getting quicker than me at posting them.... !!! I wouldn't, buy it at that price. At first (other than the dented door) it looks OK but I would like to see better chassis pictures especially around the engine cradle, I think you looking at 'possibly' a lot of work to fix that up. That said if it's 'mechanically sound' then it would be a good start but still to much IMHO
Yeah, im starting to see that with BHCC you will always have those extra $3-5k that they charge on top of what would be the “real” value of their cars.

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I would also like to see more pics around the fuel tank cover/FFE end as there is rust there too. Other than that and a few missing pieces (bezal, trailing arm shield) it looks to be a decent project. But cos of the frame rusting, its overpriced and depending on how bad the rust is, it looks like it could be a frame off restoration. Still, i bet this wont be on there for too long
New listing:
52,683 miles
medium sized dent on lower passenger door, leather seats need new covers, new binacle and carpets need a clean
frame has rust at the front and rear (possibly just surface rust)
Priced at $34,500: IMHO overpriced considering the interior, seats look to have been done but the rest needs doing.
Absolutally Chris...Mid to high 20's  in my opinion.
At that price that are a ton of other ones that are in WAY better conditions...

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Not sure if the link will work or not but it can be found in the delorean fanatics facebook group.

We all remember the delorean bhcc had for sale that had a collapsed rear suspension and had the spare tyre in its place? Well the guy who bought that car isnt happy. Its appears parts of his car were just ripped off (water pump and starter) the engine by bhcc. 

I know a few of us have bought from them including myself but i had zero problems with them other than they told me the car was a runner and it wasnt (which i expected it wouldnt). 

My guess is that cos they had that car for so long, they started taking bits off of it to make other cars better and there by improve the asking price of those cars. If that is the case, they should have at least warned the buyer when he bought it really.
I know numerous members who have bought cars from BHCC and have not been aware  of any disputes or problems, but on the con-try, they found BHCC very helpful.  Lets face it, they are selling the stuff at the bottom of the market that no-one else wants, but in the UK its hard to locate such cars.

I do know one member who bought a 'project' car privately and had one heck of a job getting all the paperwork sorted.....yes he paid a lot less than a similar one from BHCC might have been, but he had a whole heap of problems. Which are not easy to resolve from this side of the pond. If you can't prove good title, then you can't get it out of the USA! Sad

I wouldn't be too quick to condemn them...I think they have a place in the market......but you can still try and negotiate a fair price....or a bit of discount. Wink
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