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Same. I would probably return it back to stainless though. I dont mind painted cars but im not a fan of red ones. Its possible that rust may just be surface too. Wonder what it looks like in the fuel tank bay?
From what you can see, I wouldn't worry about that the all. I think its great buy. It won't hang around!
I like the look of a red one and the paint looks pretty good bar a couple of small areas. 
I would keep it red...  Smile  ... then see how I'd feel after a couple of years.

Suspension needs rebuilding, bushes, etc and a lick of paint.
Also, I would factor in redoing the fuel system, brake system and possibly driveshafts...
And whatever is lurking behind the fuel tank plate.

Strong money... but potential.

(19 Jul 2019, 19:11)Dangermouse Wrote: [ -> ]$50k rebuild for $40k anyone?

Supposedly this is 00692, which was a training car (which is possibly that little white rectangle on the binnacle?)
It doesn't appear to be anything special according to my details...other than its a very early car.

Having bought and sold 510, 522 and numerous other early cars, in the UK,  'a DeLorean is a DeLorean is a Delorean".....I'm not sure if there is a particular 'early vin snobbery' in the USA...but i've not found they achieve a premium price in the UK.
New one, black interior, automatic - $19,500 - Looks like a mess for the price...

Here's the link:
It's had a very WET life......the chassis is very rough and goodnesses knows how things are in the VOD. 

 Seeing so much rust in the engine bay is worrying...(to me).......but it make me realise how lucky I was with MGJ! 

 If mine had been in that state, when I first clapped eyes on it......... I would have cried! Sad
At first i thought, yeah decent price then i saw the underneath. Wow. Looks like a complete frame off resto possibly needing a new frame altogether. The engine cradle looks like you could poke your finger through it.

As chris said above, i would be very worried about all the engine bay rust too. It could need a new engine or at the very least, a complete rebuild. This is one that should be seen in person. This is not a good gamble at all. 

Seeing examples like this make me very glad i bought one when i did. I paid a couple grand more for mine and in comparison, mine is mint even before i started working on it. 

If youre made of money and want a time consuming project, this is for you. Otherwise, run away

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IIRC that's been hanging around for a while. Get it cheap (really cheap) enough and budget for a new chassis then it's a project! Lot of work mind!
If it was 13/15k I would think about it!

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Its a lot of work. Still, you could always make them an offer and see what they say.
Personally I think 10k would be a realistic price. (But I wouldn't buy it at that)......just too much work!

i would pay 10k...but them i am desperate to own another D (and it is still a D, or most of one!). Definately not worth nearly 20k

think a frame is about 2.5k now?

interior can be done over time...

Hopefully i may be looking for a project later in year.

I thought about £6K....could be wrong.
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