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Full Version: Project Cars @ BHCC
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:lol: Oh yeah I forgot about that beauty. Makes the latest look like showroom!!! :lol:
I would have a punt on the last one myself, OK it's a bit rough but is a project car (and probably as cheap as you will get one now) Body looks OK Chassis looks OK apart from the area below the master cylinder. If I had the money I think I would have a go at it. It's a risk but is not any project!
You know you want to Chris! Remortgage the house for the cash - you'll earn a better increase in value of the car than the cost of financing it with the very low mortgage rates right now. If there's space in the nest I say go for it! And much more fun than watching numbers on a bank balance!

Mark Big Grin
Your not wrong Mark, just convincing 'the boss' that it's a good idea! :roll:
Have to disagree fella's.
IMO, Space and spare money are wonderous things!
Spoken by someone who once had multiple old VW's. Still got one to get rid of.
If you've got a nice useable D, concentrate on that one, make it abit better and use any cash/loan/time to enjoy it. Drive it, tour in it, have fun with it.

As a wise man once said..............Things you think you own, actually own you.
I've always found that discussions with 'the boss' were the trickiest part of changing or adding any cars to the fleet!

No further plans anyway as my is as garage is well and truly FULL ( and my pockets empty) ! :oops:
Good grief, they've got another one - coming soon. Are they making them out back? Are they like coat hangers that multiply in your wardrobe when you close the door? ... c-4972.htm

so, project car in the teens or OK car in the mid 20s? What will it be? Oh, the suspense......
Guessing it may be this one then!: ... c-4972.htm not a bad looking car on top and underneath and mechanically sound, whatever that means. I do like a red car 8)
That red car looks like a bargain. Short term, an easy commission - longer term, who knows; could be kept red as it looks great. I most certainly would.
Jeez, they have just listed two more as "coming soon". Did Ed B just send them his stock of cars???
Anybody from this forum ever bought car from there ? I'm looking to buy project car around june next year and cars they have are in my price range (not all of course). I will rather fly there to check it unless you guys know anybody in that area who is an expert to make a proper check and list of faults? Are there any other dealers like this worth checking for D?
Yep, me. Mine was CHEAP though and clearly a basketcase (well, perhaps not). In any case, I was happy with their service, help etc. I'd buy again from them.
As Dan wrote, lots of UK buyers have purchased through them, they are more than happy to deal with UK buyers and help with shipping etc. The cars are always as described but you need to read things carefully
And another reasonable looking car for $25k shame about the dent on the door: ... c-4997.htm
And still they keep coming: ... c-4996.htm I would check the chassis well first on this one though, other than that looks OK
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