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Full Version: Project Cars @ BHCC
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[Another offering for this week: at $21,750 did not look to bad a project on top, but the chassis is pretty much shot, plus it's had a carb conversion that may (or may not) appeal to some, so for the chassis alone I would suggest way over value.]

Agreed, Waaaaay overpriced. That car deserves a full rebuild but not for that price...

It was only 10 years ago when good cars were $10K and it was 2 dollars to the pound... Ah, those were the days
No 3 for this week, not a bad example:
For $22k, that's quite a project.

Still waiting for the white car with the salvage title to be listed properly - the companion of the rally car.

I think this one slipped under the radar

for an extra $3k, it is suspiciously good - neat and tidy with no obvious flaws.
Um.. I would assume that nearly every car coming from BHCC would need a strip and rebuild. My car, pre-Brexit, was £8k. Worth every penny, but still needing every nut and bolt (well, if you're already taking it apart...). I'd certainly like to save every one of these basket cases (I mean, pre-BHCC who'd have thought there'd be so many of them?!) but the prices do seem to be getting unrealistic for restorations (again, my opinion!).
Quote:but the prices do seem to be getting unrealistic for restorations (again, my opinion!).
Your right for sure, especially now with the £-$ rate as it is it will slow down the imports now I think.
Hi Guys...

i am not quite ready...but i was looking the the 'rally' car.

it actually does not look that bad and the cheapest project D for quite a while.

so the frame is good, would need to angle grind out the cage...

seats look good, enigne and box unknown of course (why do all project D's loose the airbox?)

importantly frame looks fine, which for me a major one as i think i am competent to handle a frame off...i just do not have room.

so main issue would be interior to source, but over time gradually those parts...or some would appear on ebay....

guuessing dash and door cars are hardest?

and cheaper over there means less import tax 9about £8k for this car) am counting my pennies to see if i can get there!.

Also a more expensive project car is still likely to have quite a few of the same things to refurb..such as calipers, bearings, fuel tank, fascias etc...

and if someone does buy it please dont part out a D just because it needs an interior!!!

its my birthday next week so if anyone is stuck for something to buy!! hint hint! lol

It would be a brave project,  BUT your options are unlimited. Because it's such a major project anything you do to it would be better than what your starting with BUT to get it back to stock the cost would be huge IMHO. Dash boards you can get new fairly cheap now. You could create your own new 2017 interior (some have done in US) for example
Another project for someone feeling brave at $8950. Chassis looks fairly sound as a plus point!
If it was in the UK i'd buy it. They are not going to get much cheaper than that. If anyone buys it, I have a set of wheels and a pair of seats that could be available. The two spare wheels have a value too!
That has to be one of the saddest cars I have ever seen BHCC sell.

But it seems to have a solid frame which is a plus

Edit - it also has the front passenger fender from this car

as the pair were bought by BHCC from the same PO
Those are 2 'interesting' cars and quite the project for someone with time/money  Confused

Dermot, What do you know about these cars, was the first one used in the Baja rally or something?
I'm not sure if this latest rally car was actually use on the Baja but it has Arizona plates so quite possibly. Certainly used, or at least created, for some sort of rallying. There isn't much of a rallying culture in the states, and the bigger races are in Mexico

There was/is another car, dubbed the "Clamato DeLorean" after the sponsor, that was also a rally prepped car with roll cage etc, and it was confirmed as having raced in the Baja. There were some newspaper articles about it, I think. A guy in CA found it in Southern California a few years ago and bought it to restore back to rally car spec (as it would be the only one)

Both the BHCC cars (rally & white) were listed on Craigslist last month in AZ for a combined price of $5k, so low that many took it to be a scam. However some old hands on the D scene recall the cars from around 2000 being owned by the same guy. BHCC seemingly also saw the add and pounced.

The rally car is thought to be 02314. No word on the white one yet.
Hi all

i would also be interested in white car.....i want a cheap project car, to resotre slowly over time with s/h parts if needs be.

looks like a few engine parts missing..i wonder if it turns freely.

all the injetor hoses missing, in fact all hoses from fuel distributor!.

chassis does look ok..however there does appear to be some rust or staining where the fuel accumulator sits?. wonder if maybe waters got in car then run through carpets maybe.

its certainly all been baked, but most of interior is salvageable , rear enigne covers would be pricey.

shame its a salvage title however you could argue once in the UK it would loose the salvage title?..and show hpi clear. maybe worth a little less to us D savvy owners.

a shame as the TAX man has just had £10k off me!!. otherwise i would be on the phone.

whatever though buying a D makes much more sense than putting cash in a pension, like my old D a few years ago sold at £18k, now worth probably £28k equivalent in a bank would probably not gain even £1k in interest!

and onwing a D is much more exciting!!. there is something about taking on a saving this white car.

Thanks DM  Smile always the man in the know!

Steve S, I tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full...
(11 Mar 2017, 12:25)Hi sorryCleared some space...please can you resend.Thank youSteve Stuart Rees Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks DM  Smile always the man in the know!

Steve S, I tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full...
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