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Full Version: Project Cars @ BHCC
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Another Turbo car looks like a BAE single one this time: ... c-4170.htm
It looks pretty good to me and good value, but personally i'd be very nervous of the 'Turbo' bit.

You know what they say……to make a mistake once is understandable, but to do it twice is shear carelessness!.

But lots of people like Turbo-charged cars and this one might be a good one. Smile
Not really a 'project' car but painted black with only 121 miles on the clock: ... c-4179.htm bit much for a painted car IMHO though I do like painted ones!
I agree Chris, silly money for a painted car, and auto's aren't everyones favourite transmission. I think £20K would be a fair price.
Very reasonable looking project car: ... c-4335.htm
At 93k and a current license plate sticker, this one might actually run and drive.

Odd expansion tank.
Red project car: ... c-4602.htm frame looks OK
Yep, that car (up close) needs plenty of work but at that price, I'd have it in a second.
Again, maybe not a project car, based on the price, but here you go ... c-4652.htm

this looks like being a bumper year for BHCC, that's 10 so far, which is about their total for 2014 with 4 months of 2015 to go.
How many days before it appears on Ebay :roll: or perhaps this one as a runner will not appeal.
I think this car looks an excellent prospect………ease the price down a few grand and it should be fine.

Using my rough 'rule of thumb' of turning $ into £'s by the time its back in the UK and a few bills paid and its not cheap….but I like it.
Not a bad looking one: ... c-4658.htm some strange things going on with the fuel system Shock But not a bad price.
I'd sooner spend another few grand on the previous one. Save a heap of time and perhaps even some money in the long term.
Worlds largest fuel pressure gauge Smile

Indeed looks like a car that has been "just removed from storage" if "storage means "Parked in the CA sun". The old dilapidated tires have been replaced with fresh rubber and it has been sent to BHCC for liquidation.

Either the PO was modifying the fuel system and gave up before putting it "in storage", or this was a recent addition to get it running. Either way, I sense a "PO nightmare" on the way.

Should be easy to spot though when it resurfaces, with the fog lights and cloth seats.
You can tell from the underside (missing shield) that the fuel system caused someone a pain the backside.

Lovely retrimmed seats, too. Either or; I'd still have it
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