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Full Version: Project Cars @ BHCC
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Today's offering and for $39,500 not bad IMHO, other than the doors need some adjusting. It's had lots of recent money spent on it as far as I can tell:
Again it looks like a very nice car...not sure about the 'brace' under the bonnet! I sure that adds very little to the strength of anything!
Those braces actually improve the handling a fair bit. When i added the midwest version the car handled corners far better (going round a round-about for example). Under steer was pretty much minimalised as was body roll. The car doesnt feel like it leans quite so much eithwr which also means the chassis isnt twisting.
I really didnt think having one would do much but there is a huge noticeable difference and cornering at speed feels more sturdy upfront.

I suppose it depends a lot on your driving style ...i've always found the handling to be 'adequate'. Lotus are quite good at that sort of stuff.
Ive tried aggressive driving and just normal, casual, sunday driving type and whilst you will see more improvement/difference at the aggressive end, you still see a noticeable difference at the casual end. Saying that, i drive my car pretty much daily so it was a worthy investment. For the weekend driver or less, you probably could do without.

Handling aside, it also stops the chassis twisting. Seeing how much improvement the brace adds leads me to think that the chassis really twists quite a bit. Just going round a roundabout at a steady speed is enough for that twisting to happen. Its also likely the reason the car has quite a bit of body roll.
$38,500 is todays offering. Looks reasonably solid but been in storage so may need engine work:
Another one for $36,500 missing bits from engine bay:
Yes...belts, water hoses, injector pipes etc etc....
Very clean, original car at $56,500
Looks a super car...i've no idea about the price these days... Shy
Thing is, it still needs all the usual things doing to it like coolant bottle/fuel lines etc. BHCC are overpricing their cars and although they do sell them, we never find out how much they actually sell for. Looking at other cars for sale privately that have had work done demand a lower asking price from sellers. At $56k, my guess is that this car has been inflated by bhcc by about $16k.
Another thing with bhcc is that they list low mileage cars very high and since this has about 7k miles on the clock. Thats where that $16k has come from.

Its a very nice car that will need some money thrown at it to be a decent driver due to its low mileage and the fact its likely been stored for many years. This will sell to someone who collects cars like a child collects hot wheels. Itll sit in a garage somewhere or it will sell to someone who isnt clued up on these cars thinking a low mileage delorean is better than one thats clocked more miles on it.
Thay sell plenty of cars and I know nemerous folk who bought from them and been happy with the transaction.

They will sometimes do a slight deal on the price...but not I think, several $1,000 .
I bought from them without any hassle. I managed to get nearly $1k off the price which pretty much covered the exporting/insurance and a little on the import fees too.
I probably wouldnt buy from them today simple due to how high they price their cars now.
NOT a BHCC car but a friend sent me this for sale: makes some of the BHCC cars seem reasonable!
Reasonable looking car but needs frame work @ $34,750:
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