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I couldn't agree with Steve more.  I've restored quite a few DeLoreans and got many others running; blown up engines, dodgy gearboxes, Lacquered stainless, abandoned projects, scrap interiors, etc.  But I've never been tempted by one needing a frame restoration. .....even if someone were to offer one for next to nothing.... I'd still walk away.   Sad Just my opinion.
(15 Sep 2017, 23:17)steve.s Wrote: [ -> ]
(13 Sep 2017, 18:48)priesh Wrote: [ -> ]
(06 Sep 2017, 16:25)Chris Williams Wrote: [ -> ]Seem they have got a batch to sell number 3 for this week: $32,500

This one looks really nice - the speedo is a bit random though - would it actually be accurate? I thought the original was 85, and they were looking to create an 140mph version for non-us
i'm sorry but in my opinion this car $10k plus overpriced, and needs serious work.

a front frame extension is no easy task. and massivley expensive unless you do it yourself. i have never seen a front frame sheared like that, not sure how it could have done that.

if you are looking for a D unless a serious project, i would only consider cars with a good frame. start from there.

i have restored a D and looking for a project...but i would only consider a bad frame car if it were really cheap....and do the work myself.

for me now i dont mind any interior manual or Auto...i think its condition and price that drives it. there has just been a good car on D. good body/frame/grey interior, but someone had half converted to carbs, so needed engine parts back. i would much prefer a car like that.


Hey Steve - that is actually a different car - the one with the sheared front frame extension is on for $22k - but yeah a frame issue is troubling! There is a part of me that wants to save it but like you say I'd have to get a price way lower than even what they are asking.

The one on for $32.5k looks in nice nic - the main issue I have with that one is it is very low mileage so I am wary of the engine.
Why be wary of the engine? I've had several really low mileage ones, 4 miles, 110, miles all the way up to 11K miles. The only one that had an engine issue was a Turbo-charged one....which was why it was cheap. You would probably have to do a water-pump on any low mileage one, but its no bad thing to have a good look around the 'Valley of Death' anyway.
Most things I've read talk about degredation of oil/coolant etc, and internal rust from lack of use?

Articles like this:

My thoughts are that a car with a higher mileage will have been maintained and serviced more often, and so the engine components would be in better condition.

Would be good to hear a differing opinion however!
If any car has been standing for a few years, you are always going to have a few jobs to do, regardless of mileage. When I am buying cars (In General) I always go for lower mileage if possible, and condition.  I think you can tell a lot by just looking at the car. Has it been looked after? Is it all rusty? Left out in the rain and weather..or sun etc. Or flooded?
The joy of a Delorean engine is that is basically a sealed unit...unless of course someone has removed bits....spark plugs would probably be the worse case. But that would be unusual. Ive never had an unforeseen problem with one. (and I've had 16 of them over the last 20 years) Blush
Fair enough - I think I would rather go by your experience than any other - thanks for the info - I might explore that one in more detail then
Reasonable looking car, will need some chassis work:  @ $29,500
I suspect that any chassis work could be carried out without a body-off jobby. (just my opinion, don't count on it). A surprising amount of rust on the engine/bay. Definitely not a "Dry-state' car. this..... Not too bad though.
Reasonable looking car for $30k needs a new header bottle and some chassis work from a leaking clutch/brake cylinder. Might also want to check why the carpets have so much staining on them.
The stained carpets are curious. Looks like someone has been throwing coffee around......or perhaps had a bad nose-bleed.

The two stage header tank is definitely a 'one-off'.

I suspect an amateur mechanic has been at it.......the throttle spool cover seems to have been placed randomly!

But having said all that, it looks a good car for top the time its imported into the UK.
Another one that's a 'project' car: priced at $18,750 but I would strongly suggest budget for a new chassis:  I wonder if it's from the same area as has similar staining to it.
Just remember that there have probably been a couple of cars flooded with all the hurricanes. I know of one that has made it to an insurance auction, but I am sure there are several which were uninsured and just sitting on someone's property.

That's what that last one reminds me of.
Yes that one does look interesting - I'm almost starting to lean towards getting one that needs a new frame if I imported as then at least I know what I'm getting in for - the ones that look like they don't still carry a risk of needing it anyway.

Do PJ Grady do new frames / complete refurbs? I reckon it would cost 4-5k?

Decisions decisions...
Quote:That's what that last one reminds me of.
That is my guessing on the two also, however if this is the case then the cheaper one may be a good project as it needs a new chassis anyway.
Reasonable looking car for $30k need interior work (headlining/dash/binnacle) normal hot state stuff but everything else looks good:
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