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  The Fast Lane Documentary
Posted by: er1c - 28 Nov 2019, 07:04 - Forum: Historical DeLorean articles, references, photos and information. - Replies (5)

Found this last night, apologies if its been posted before, I  did search and no results. 

Great video.


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  Delorean Time Machine for hire in Essex Kent London
Posted by: jimxms - 22 Nov 2019, 19:09 - Forum: TV/Film Hire and Work Requests - No Replies

Hi All,

After 6 months of massively overhauling my Delorean and drastically improving the accuracy of the Time Machine aspects, I am now pleased to say that it is available for hire in Essex, Kent, London and further afield (by consideration). I am available for any type of work including Weddings (chauffeur driven), TV/Film, Conventions and Charity.

We all know what features a time machine should have, but I will list them anyway:

  • Working time circuits
  • Flux capacitor that…..fluxes! 
  • Digital Speedo with a ‘demo’ mode for hitting 88mph without getting a ticket!
  • Time Circuits On Switch that brings everything to life with the turn of a handle.
  • Status Identification Display (or SID) that can be programmed to scroll messages along its LED display
  • Plutonium Gauges that can be placed in ‘empty’ mode with the correct warning lights and sounds.
  • Mr Fusion that openes and makes the correct sounds.
  • Interior smoke machine! Fill the car with smoke, open the doors and make everyone believe you have just been back to the future!
  • Exterior CO2 discharge from the rear vents. Just like the movie, large plumes of high pressure smoke can be ejected from the rear vents!
  • Actual SCREEN USED parts from a real time machine!
  • Discreet signatures from cast on sun visors.
Our website and Facebook are now up and running:
Delorean Time Machine Hire


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  ""It looks like a truck version of the DeLorean from Back To The Future."
Posted by: er1c - 22 Nov 2019, 07:26 - Forum: Off topic talk, general chat etc - Replies (4)


Tesla has unveiled its "Cybertruck" pickup truck, but not without an embarrassing moment on stage.
The truck's windows were smashed during a demonstration supposed to show how hard they were to break.
Mr Musk was heard to swear before joking: "Room for improvement."
The truck was unveiled in Hawthorne, California, where its stainless steel, angular design was greeted with cheers but also bemusement.
"People probably won’t get past the looks of it," said Jessica Caldwell, from vehicle marketplace Edmunds.
"It looks like a truck version of the DeLorean from Back To The Future."

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  VIN#6126 Chassis restoration
Posted by: Rich Hanlon - 13 Nov 2019, 18:11 - Forum: Members Cars - Replies (11)

For those who don’t know me, I have owned VIN#6126 (Grey-interior, Automatic) since about 2004 when I imported it from the USA (Columbus, Ohio) as a ‘fair to middling’ example. 

My first DeLorean encounter had been a few months previously when I saw Andy Westerman’s car out on the road near where I live (on bonfire night 2003, as it happens), followed by seeing around the Owners’ Club stand at the NEC a few days later.  That therefore makes it almost exactly 16 years ago, as I write this… how time flies.  This was the first time I had seen Deloreans outside of ‘that film’ and a few months of research and a few failed nocturnal Ebay bids after, 6126 on 28,550 miles from new, was on its way home to me via Portsmouth. 
The first few months were spent getting the car road –ready and making the necessary mods with the club’s Technical Advisor Rich Hutchinson who has been a good friend ever since.   My wife and I used the car as our wedding car in 2007 and  have taken it all over Europe and over to Ireland for two of the last three ‘Eurofest’; gatherings and on other occasions visiting relatives too.
Various repairs were carried out along the way, having removed the gearbox, had the engine out once or twice, and carried out frame repairs in situ around the fuel tank, and around the rear engine cradle.  With the advent of family and house move and the passing of time, the list of jobs to do grew longer and the car was taken off the road  in 2015, pending the near miraculous alignment of the golden triangle of Opportunity, Fiscal Fluidity and Motivation.  A two seater was also not the ideal vehicle of choice in the early years!  Other ongoing projects such as a VW camper van and increasingly elderly ‘everyday’ cars meant that I only began to look at the list of jobs in earnest in 2018 as I was realistically spread too thinly.
There than began an increasingly expensive chain of events lasting almost exactly two years.
I followed this simple 19-stage process.
  1.  1.  New rear tyres to replace crazed originals which wouldn’t hold air
  1. 2.  This exposed the rusty rear springs which I thought I would remove to blast and paint
  1. 3.  Damaged the tops of the very rusty original rear shock absorbers – two new ones added to the list
  1. 4.  “That frame needs touching up here and there, now I can see it:  I’ll take the splash pans off to look further…”
  1. 5.  Whoops – I’ve made a hole
  1. 6.  Actually no, it’s several holes that run into the bits you can’t access with the body on the frame.
  1. 7.  There’s nothing for it: off she comes.
  1. 8.  I’ll have to replace ‘up and over’ the garage door for a roller shutter door, as there would be no room to open the door with the car lifted up in the air
  1. 9.  Measure up for new door
  1. 10.  Discover garage is lined in finest Asbestos
  1. 11.  Empty garage completely down to the last nail
  1. 12.  Have asbestos removed professionally by a proper outfit with men in colour-coded paper overalls with air-fed masks and a big blue polythene tent.  Local council informed.  Air quality test required. Hefty disposal charge incurred.
  1. 13.  Recover from expense of (12), above14.  Insulate garage, re-board ceiling
  1. 15.  Install more lighting and power sockets.  Can never have enough.
  1. 16.  Paint floor in workshop red, paint walls and ceiling white “while you’re at it”.
  1. 17.  Order, take delivery of, and fit Roller Door mentioned in (9) above, thanks again to Rich Hutchinson
  1. 18.  Recover from expense of articles (14-17), inclusive.  Recycling old garage door (£15) helps, ever so slightly.
  1. 19.  See (7).
I’ll try to put the story up here in various instalments as and when I get the chance.  I’ve taken plenty of photos as I’ve gone along but they’re on a separate memory card so it’ll be a faff to upload them, but I’ll try.
What’s brought this to a head now, is that the now-stripped chassis was on the DOC stand at the Classic Car Show at the NEC where it attracted some interest, and has since been delivered to be chemically stripped and rust-removed.  But that’s sort of giving away the punchline. 


One of the above DeLoreans is mine.

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  NEC 2019
Posted by: Guinney1971 - 10 Nov 2019, 22:24 - Forum: DOC National Events, Car shows, AGM's and others - Replies (12)

I've put some photos from today on the Club's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DeLorean-Owners...395051618/)

Unfortunately I can't put them on here, as the forum says the files are too large, so it won't let me upload them.

It was great to see so many friends old and new today, and kudos to those who did the whole 4 days - I'm shattered after just today!

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  Full Set Of DeLorean NCT Tyres
Posted by: Chris Williams - 31 Oct 2019, 16:11 - Forum: DeLorean Cars or Parts For Sale or Wanted - No Replies

If your interested in a full set of original DeLorean NCT Tyres an ex-owner/member has a set that you can have, He has given me his permission to post this on our forum:

>> I imported a DMC12 a few years ago, with 26,000 original miles.  I was a member of your club for the couple of years I owned the vehicle.
>> The tyres were the original NCT’s fitted at the factory and in fine condition though very hard and not suitable for road use so I changed them and kept the originals.   For a concours enthusiast they would provide a great addition that would win points.
>> It occurred to me that you might know of any dedicated concours/orignality junkies?   If they would like them they can have them in return for a suitable donation to your club.   Buyer collects.   First and foremost I would like the space!
>> Best regards
>> Henry Lawson
>> 07864 777777

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  JZD early years documentary
Posted by: Chris P - 24 Oct 2019, 18:41 - Forum: General Discussions on the DOC / Car / Company / JZD - Replies (2)

Hi Folk,

I came across this the other day.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCwKEnu5xSk&t=2210s 

The first half is very interesting, I've hardly seen any detail about JZD's early life.....

..after that it is very inaccurate ....I coudn't watch all the last half, to be honest...I was shouting at the screen !

    Anyway....rant over, the first half is well worth watching ....IMO.

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  That infernal fuel filter elbow
Posted by: stunned_monkey - 21 Oct 2019, 18:46 - Forum: General Discussions on the DOC / Car / Company / JZD - Replies (3)

I've sourced and replaced this part only once and never identified what it actually is. On that occasion it was frozen solid to the hard line and had to be cut off. I sent off what I had and back came a new one.

Number 28


The hard line fittings on the car are all 8L - which is an M14x1.5 thread, and that's what you'll find up the fuel filter's bum too.

So why is it a taper thread? You don't get metric taper threads...! Nor do you get 17tpi imperial threads, which would be "close enough".

Or a better question might be: Why is it some mashed-in pipe fitting, and not a perfectly commonplace metric thread like the rest of the car? That would mean any fuel filter of this reference could be used, not just the ones with machine aluminium threads at the base.

Just when I thought DeLorean had thrown its last curveball....

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  NEC Classic Car Show Discounts
Posted by: Chris Williams - 21 Oct 2019, 16:52 - Forum: Off topic talk, general chat etc - No Replies

I Have put all this on Facebook Etc, however in case anyone missed it:

We realise that some of your club members may have commented about the increase in the NEC parking charges last year. Please let your members know that they can save on parking as well as their tickets if they book in advance this year!
Park at the NEC for £12 (£16 on the day)
Book in advance at: www.thenec.co.uk/visitors/parking
NEW special rate at the NCP Car Park 5 at Birmingham airport, park from 8am – 7.30pm for just £9. This Event Special must be booked in advance entering the code Classic19 at: www.ncp.co.uk/prebook
Why not share the good news on your social media so your members and friends can take advantage of this new parking option.

For booking tickets on-line to the NEC Classic Motor Show this year, Please use this link:


and enter this code CC3921 into the box marked 'Enter code here' then press 'use code' and it will apply the discount.

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Video re vin 5222 now on its way to UK
Posted by: steve.s - 18 Oct 2019, 17:50 - Forum: General Discussions on the DOC / Car / Company / JZD - Replies (15)

Hi All

for those not on the FB page, i am now the proud owner of 5222, grey auto no gas flap.

on board ship (already tracking it!) and on its way to Southampton.

part red...will be back to stainless.

i will post a couple of pics (once i have an url upload) already have a couple of questions.

as soon as it arrived looking to fit the all in one pump/sender..unless anyone has had bad experiences...looking forward to all the enjoys, trials and tribulations of DeLorean ownership again.

will be a the NEC on Saturday...…..

vin 5222
Ex owner vin 1621

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