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  DeLorean treasure on eBay
Posted by: Phil Peters - 20 Jun 2018, 09:18 - Forum: DeLorean Cars or Parts For Sale or Wanted - Replies (5)

I've been having a bit of a sort through my parts hoarde and have listed a few items of DeLorean "treasure" on eBay along with a few other DMC bits and bobs. Here's a link to the list of parts available:


There will be more items to follow once I get chance to take photos etc.

Happy to do a private deal on any parts outside of eBay. Just drop me a PM via the forum if there's something you're interested in.



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  silly classic prices...
Posted by: steve.s - 17 Jun 2018, 23:57 - Forum: Off topic talk, general chat etc - Replies (3)

Hi Guys

thought you might find this interesting

i went to the jaguar classics auction at Bicester 3 months ago or so....and was surprised (and anoyed) to see so many dealers crawling over the place, really out to make a quick buck.

Gradually a few appearing on ebay...

a yellow Allegro went for around £1800+commission, only to appear on ebay for about £4400.

there is currently a princess on ebay at £4400, i saw i sell for about £1700

but......see this listing


i saw that go for £2200 yes £2200....can you believe someone now thinks its worth nearly £11 grand (surely will not get anywhere near)

my point is, are others annoyed at dealers wanting to make money, where as the likes of us classic owners i see it are not interested really what the car is worth.

they are spoiling the market, where it goes beyond enthusiasts and into collectors for profit...i would like a MK2 escort, but prices even for a decent 1.3L are silly, let along an RS2000.

even MK1 XR2's one or two over twenty grand.

surely the bubble will burst, just like bitcoin?

what's every ones thoughts?.


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  VIN 11477 - MOT DAY !!!!
Posted by: TristanC - 16 Jun 2018, 17:32 - Forum: Members Cars - Replies (13)

Hi Folks,

Thought a fresh thread would help keep things separate.

Anyway, today was MOT day !!!

Last night I had to replace a leaky fuel line (full set of braided waiting to go on)
I managed to move the original line while trying to replace the temperature sender....... and it started leaking.

Anyway, easy job. and replaced.

This morning was a pre MOT check over. All lights worked, horn, wipers........ I'd already replaced lots of rubbers...... so I couldn't think of much else to do...... except start getting anxious at the fact I'd be driving my DeLorean for the FIRST TIME EVER ON THE ROADS TODAY !!
Not only that, the MOT station is 15 miles away (my regular place) and this distance has been worrying me all week....... what if, what if, what if..... that's all I could think.

And..... as is traditional here in South Wales, the weather was dreadful. It was tipping down!
So I was then also concerned about the damp weather affecting the starting and running........

BUT - I got there! 11477 drove flawlessy!! Honestly, she drove like a dream. 
Acceleration, gear change, handling....... all tight and responsive! I was so pleased!!!

Then the MOT......
[Image: 42784868322_02184130f0_k.jpg]

Well....... after helping my MOT chap set up the new record on the computer (Big Grin) the MOT got underway........

Emissions were tested first............................PASS !!!! Yes, all emissions were perfect!!

Then all the usual MOT tests started..... brakes, hand brake..... etc...
Up in the air....... all looking good under there!!!! Phew.....

The tester was impressed...... he could see all the parts I'd replaced and the effort put in to get her where she is today.

And YES....... SHE PASSED !!!!!!!! With NO ADVISORIES!!!!!!!

I am super, super pleased. I drove her the 15 miles back and enjoyed the drive once more.
And I just can't stress enough how fun she was to drive. 

I've been a long time DeLorean lover from afar....... but today, having driving one (my own!) I am even MORE in love.
She's rough around the edges.....sure...... do I care? NO! She's mechancally sound and drives spot on.....
I can now start to tidy her up as I enjoy....

Now, on to filling in the V55 and suporting documents to get this beast fully road legal!!!! WOOOOOOO


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  Ian Foster in Hong Kong
Posted by: Dangermouse - 12 Jun 2018, 16:30 - Forum: Off topic talk, general chat etc - No Replies

Interesting video on the classic car scene in Hong Kong with interviews with D owner, and T-shirt wearer - Ian Foster from NI

No DeLorean footage unfortunately.

Ian is from 14:20 onwards

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  VIN 4267 comes to England
Posted by: Matt Clark - 12 Jun 2018, 09:50 - Forum: Members Cars - Replies (17)

I'm sure some of you know me as someone who has been lurking around for years and years - I did the maths the other day and was mildly horrified to discover that it's been at least 21 years since I realised I wanted a car.  Like a lot of people in their mid-30s, I was introduced to BTTF at quite a young age, and it was easy to fall in love with the time machine - but I didn't really think of it as a car, or even a real object - it was just a cool movie 'thing'. A couple of years later - in 1997 - I was beginning to take an interest in cars, and by chance I looked at a classic car mag in the shop I worked in, and the first page I opened it to was this piece featuring Rob Lamrock's car.

[Image: 28863858478_89ff2cbd18_b.jpg]

The article got me hooked; it focused more on the 'so near yet so far' aspect of the history rather than the scandal, and was a largely sympathetic write-up of the car. As I did more research I realised that over here, at that time, articles like this were rare - most very sour about the car due to the money invested and the scandal surrounding it. For contrast, a car book in my school library had a section on the DeLorean written by Quentin Willson, and we all know how he feels about it.  From there I hoovered up everything I could on the car; before the internet, I paid a book finder to track down Ivan Fallon's book for me, and I found the Gold Portfolio (the collection of magazine articles reprinted as a book). That led me to here - well, pre-internet, so it was Dave Howarth's phone number, and he was always good enough to patiently chat to me about the cars whenever I phoned up with whatever collection of tedious questions a 13-year old could muster (a lot, as it turned out). Eventually he invited me up the the big annual classic car show in Birmingham on set-up day to see my first car, and it was: awesome.

[Image: 28863873688_bc55b38766_b.jpg]

I took a saturday job working in an exotic car body shop, around Countaches and 308s and the like, and and I still preferred the DeLorean. From that point onwards, I was determined to get one - which ended up proving difficult as I was also chasing a career in TV / film which typically means waiting a few (!) years for it to pay off. I was still at uni when John died in 2005; the price of cars here didn't really spike much as a result like I thought they might, and, still having a terrible rep, I figured I still had plenty of time to get one at what now seems like an absurdly low price. After that, though, we've all seen how they started to creep up and it was then that I felt the and the race was on to get one while also having to pay London rents, save up to buy a house, and keep a daily driver on the road. It was touch and go for a long time, but Dave and Chris P were great at keeping me engaged with the idea of getting a car. Chris in particular kept me in the loop with all the RHD cars he was uncovering, or photo archives he bought, or DMC staff he was meeting. O

For my 30th birthday my girlfriend secretly got in touch with Chris and arranged for him to lend me one of his cars for the day - getting handed the keys to #522 and told "come back in the evening" was hands down the best, and most terrifying, present I could have asked for. I was always worried actually driving one would be a bit of a let down - and to be fair by that point my daily driver 3-series was a lot quicker... but that didn't make it any less special.

[Image: 41838220855_836d0e151f_b.jpg]

A year later, having managed to not drive it into a wall, he also gave me the keys VIN #5638 to take down the NEC while he towed P20. That was a crash course in looking out for other drivers getting too close to get a photo - quite a few sweaty palms on that trip.

[Image: 27868890887_ec76e43505_b.jpg]

Interestingly, #5638 was listed for sale in that 1997 copy of Classic and Sports car. Small world! The red car listed there for £10,500 seems like such a bargain now - I paid more than that for my current one. It's virtually the same price as this one would cost now!

[Image: 42021220244_9b41c3b3a1_z.jpg]

About a year ago, I started seriously looking for a car - by which point prices here had risen to 3 times what they were when I first became interested, and the $ was much less favourable for importanting as it had been for the last 20 years. I was seeing project cars here go for £20k on occasion and I felt like they were rising faster than I could catch up with them. A few months ago, my girlfriend sent me a link to a BHCC car - I'd stopped checking there as they had been selling some real nightmares that I'd never consider - but the one she sent me actually didn't look *too* bad. Rough overall, but the fundamentals looked solid enough. A day later I got a call starting me on a big Netflix show, which I took as a good omen, so I tentatively reached out to them - asking first about the shipping process because that would be the make or break of it - and to their credit, they were really helpful and it was surprisingly cheap, so, following some haggling, and after 21 years, I pulled the trigger on #4267.

[Image: 42020867934_241243ab42_b.jpg]
[Image: 42020867884_013ffe9259_b.jpg]

It took about two and a half months from buying it to it arriving in Southampton - I finally got to go see it on Friday - only for 20 minutes, and even in this state, it's pretty amazing to have my own car after all this time. Seeing it in the warehouse like this reminded me of the very first car I saw at the NEC - I think these cars look best under warehouse lighting conditions! I'm having it transported to where it's going to live this week, so on Saturday I'll have a chance to fully inspect it and figure out where to start...

[Image: 28864707198_2fafeca7de_b.jpg]
[Image: 41838594505_fb8ea13144_b.jpg]
[Image: 42020891754_6d8f835840_b.jpg]
[Image: 28864707668_63cbcbbb0c_b.jpg]

For those of you who use Instagram, I've set up an account for my car here: http://instagram.com/delorean4267/ - I'll be posting the work there over the next... few years? I guess? As well as stuff from DeLorean events I've been too, memorabilia I own, that sort of thing.

[Image: 27869625317_9e7507186c_z.jpg]

From the brief few minutes I had with it, here's some of the things I had a look at...

First, I'd love to know what the deal with this is:

[Image: 42741663271_0f21c425ee_b.jpg]

I inspected the bodywork the best I could, and although the filth might be hiding a few things, I didn't see any dings beyond this in the LFF, which I'm hoping isn't too major a job to repair:

[Image: 40931039970_e5cf19961d_b.jpg]

The crash damage you can see in the BHCC listing is about what I expected - I'm hoping to get the wing off when I see the car to see how bad the underbody damager there is.

[Image: 42741664041_55c7e4f60f_b.jpg]

I'd like to solicit opinions on the DMCH fibreglass fascias versus tracking down an original. The rear fascia has a similar split along the black / grey divide so I'm not sure if they both need replacing. I'm assuming the wing is a write off.

I'm a bit concerned with what's going on with the roof / T panel / door fit:

[Image: 42741661431_08babf2d34_b.jpg]
[Image: 27872562767_4f552e5320_b.jpg]
[Image: 27872562357_1aabb999d2_b.jpg]

Some of the interior plastics are salvageable, but not much. Eventually I want to do a retrim based on the Visioneering car but in grey, so that's not really the end of the world. The seats look oddly good, though.

[Image: 42692233862_74922e62af_b.jpg]

There's no ignition or keys so I'm not really sure on the process of testing things without that - opinions / tutorials welcome! As Chris P is often keen to point out - not much mechanical experience so far but I'm here to learn!

[Image: 42741876181_ea14c54688_b.jpg]

Oh, and the passenger door handle is gone, and so are the struts, so I didn't fancy trying to Indiana Jones my way in from the drivers side to attempt to open the passenger one - will buy some broom handles tomorrow to hold the doors up. I have new struts, at least, so that'll probably be the first job I do.

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  new wedge purchase
Posted by: steve.s - 10 Jun 2018, 20:48 - Forum: Off topic talk, general chat etc - Replies (2)

Hi Guys....no not a Delorean!.

just put a deposit on a Princess 1978 wedge in Reynard metallic.

lovely immaculate light brown velour interior.

2.2HL model, so even has a seatbelt warning flasher!!. mod cons eh?

lovely 6 cylinder manual....bodywork wise okay, bit of rust bottom of doors, and front bottom edge of wind/valance..

believe or not not many on road now.

annoying though, the owners club have just been turned down for the NEC classic car show. pretty bad really as they are quite an iconic Leyland car, at the height of wedge design.

i suppose they need to make room for all the cars for sale, and the 6 MG clubs i gather. 

think this is bad as all British marques/club should have a chance really......

anyway if anyone interested may post a few pics when i get it end of month.

my other car is an E21 BMW 1981 Baur convertible undergoing a (very very slow) restoration!. cant wait to drive her though, again in lovely period copper leaf metallic.

one of the few E21 Baurs on the UK roads (will be!).


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  D For Auction 16th June Bury St Edmunds
Posted by: Chris Williams - 03 Jun 2018, 21:15 - Forum: DeLorean Cars or Parts For Sale or Wanted - Replies (5)


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  Bristol Classic Car Show, 16 & 17 June 2018
Posted by: Chris Williams - 02 Jun 2018, 07:30 - Forum: South West - No Replies

NEWS RELEASE: 17.05.2018

WITH a mighty 38 years under its belt, the Footman James Bristol Classic Car Show returns to the Royal Bath & West Showground on June 16 and 17 for a fantastic weekend extravaganza.
To celebrate the summer, mark Father’s Day on the Sunday and create a day out for all the family, organisers are hosting the first-ever mini funfair to run alongside the already well-established classic car show. The showground also incorporates the Bath & West miniature railway, which will be running all weekend, entertaining families in exchange for donations towards the upkeep of the volunteer-run project.
This year’s show brings a change to the famous classic car park. Now even closer to the visitor entrance, this fantastic area of the show will feature hundreds of incredible vehicles from all eras, marques, tastes and stages of restoration. From pristine recent finishers that have just rolled out of the garage for the first time, through to those that are just about to embark on their restoration journey, there’s sure to be something that appeals to everyone.
Event organiser Vicky Bean said:
“As a special thank you from us, we’re offering all classic car park drivers half-price entry to the show. We fully recognise that the classic cars that turn up on the day are an important part of the show, and we’re looking forward to seeing hundreds of beautiful vehicles rolling through the gates to wow the crowds!”
As always, show organisers are presenting multiple awards throughout the weekend. Awards will be handed out by official judges on both Saturday and Sunday for a wide range of categories, including a return of the prestigious Classic American Car of the Year heat, judged by magazine editor Ben Klemenzson. The chosen car will feature on the Classic American magazine stand at the NEC Classic Motor Show in November this year, admired by thousands of visitors and with a potential to be crowned the overall winner.
The show will also feature the traditional and much-anticipated displays from classic car clubs, who will be going head to head to compete for cash prizes up for grabs for the first, second and third best stand of the weekend. Members of the Yeovil Classic Car Club will be hosting the return of the popular firing-up area outside, giving visitors chance to enjoy the sounds and smells of classic car nostalgia.
Charterhouse will be taking over one of the halls once more to host the popular auction on Sunday. Lots going under the hammer include a previous Best in Show-winning 1963 Morris Mini Minor Super De-Luxe, which is fully restored and estimated to sell for £5-6000. Visitors can view the lots on Saturday, but will need to buy a catalogue to enter on Sunday.
Advance tickets are on sale for just £10 each, saving £3 on the gate price. Children under 12 are admitted free. Visit www.bristolclassiccarshows.com for more information.

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  Classic Car Show, Ely. 28th July 2018
Posted by: Chris Williams - 31 May 2018, 21:25 - Forum: East Anglia - Replies (1)

Good evening,
The Cambridge and District Classic Car Club is again holding a classic car show on the Old Palace Green, Ely on Saturday 28 July 2018, and is welcoming all classic car owners and enthusiasts to participate.
The show will take place, with the generous permission of East Cambs District Council, The Kings School and Ely Cathedral, on the Old Palace Green, directly opposite the main doors of the cathedral and in front of the Bishops Palace.  Last year, over 90 classic cars from 1926 to 1996 were on the green and the event helped raise funds for our chosen charity. Fine weather has been booked.
Registration is through the attached form, sent either by post or scanned by e-mail, and donations are invited for our chosen charity for 2018/19, Prostate Cancer UK.
I hope you will be able to join us, either as a returning participant or a new entrant, and also spread news of the event to your friends and fellow enthusiasts.

Best regards

Roger Carr
Chair, Cambridge and District Classic Car Club
01763 209150
07795 242323

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  11789 firing up at last
Posted by: SpudMurphy - 28 May 2018, 09:59 - Forum: Members Cars - Replies (3)

Effort #1 - it fired up and ran on 3 or 4 cylinders . Initially I was ecstatic thinking an adjustment here and there would get it all ok? I posted on here saying that it was "Alive", well be that as it may, but it was "under the weather"!

Effort #2 I got nowhere - wouldn't even run!

Effort #3 Investigation showed that a PO had put in the distributor "a lot of" degrees out . the valve clearances were tight. and (my fault) a vac leak was spotted on the w pipe - which was not seated correctly and a turn of the distributor - it caught and it burst into life and revved nicely too.

Will now do some minor work to the engine - check for leaks - swop the rad and expansion tanks over for the new ones I have - onwards and upwards or in my case downwards as I will take the car off the concrete blocks.


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