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  Craig Radio Display Ribbon Cable - Re-manufactured
Posted by: Rich H - 10 Dec 2018, 21:11 - Forum: DeLorean Cars or Parts For Sale or Wanted - Replies (3)

This, this what makes the Craig radio display work...

I was sitting in my shed, soldering wires to the LED display, when I slipped with my soldering iron and burnt my hand.

When the pain had subsided I had a vision in my head, a vision of this:

The Craig Radio LED Display Ribbon Cable

It's taken nearly fifteen years and almost my entire family fortune to realise the vision of that.......oh wait.

Here it is folks. It really has taken fifteen years to get this done - time flies  Rolleyes

I wanted one of these for my own Craig radio, but I've had to have a run made to make it even close to viable.

They are almost identical to the originals (right down to the part number!) apart from one key difference, they are slightly longer.

The reason for that is so that the cable can be routed in front of the display hinge pin instead of behind it. That increases the bending radius of the cable so it is less prone to folding and should last much, much longer.

The cable is soldered onto the back of the display, so that means you will need to have good soldering skills, if you overheat the contacts on the cable, they will de-laminate and the cable will be damaged.

There is potential in the not too distant future to offer some form of replacement 'service' for those unable to do this themselves, the exact form that will take I'm not sure right now.

I'm offering up these for sale for anyone who wants to replace the cable on their display so they can once again have a fully illuminated display (assuming all the LEDs work) and not be fearful of using the cassette door.

Price is 30 GBP each including shipping to anywhere in the world.

If you want one, PM me and I'll give you my email address. You might not hear back from me instantly, I don't sit in front of my computer all day  Wink

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  OEM radiator shroud & DPNW radiator fans
Posted by: Chris Hawes - 25 Nov 2018, 19:53 - Forum: DeLorean Cars or Parts For Sale or Wanted - No Replies

My engine conversion required larger fans and with them a new shroud, so this frees these up for an owner that would like a no longer available original OEM shroud.  The OEM shroud as per the photos will clean up well as they are no cracks/missing chunks.

[Image: Hq8QhbDn7644kNO72-BEYvL2I3LMGoQ7skBhC9wT...zHsm=w1593]

[Image: bQOD5iTCSHwz7Keke8Rzx3pulq0hk_MtuUVhGaXn...LWfb=w1593]

The DPNW fans are fantastic and work perfectly.  
They were bought from Toby and Misty Peterson as per below:-

These quality high performance fans utilize the latest state-of-the-art electric motors, each delivering 1248 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air flow per the manufacturers data sheet while demanding only 7.0 amps maximum power each at full motor load. For comparison, the stock fans taken out of our personal car were measured at a total CFM of 1100 for BOTH fans. In addition, the new fan blades are made from modern injection molded plastic and each unit weighs 34.4 ounces, including all bolts, nuts, and washers. The original fans (motor and blade only) weigh 48.6 ounces each. The weight reduction is just under 2 pounds total. The 10 blades on these fans produce a higher pitch whooshing sound but are quieter overall than the original 4-bladed fans.

The 2 stand-alone fan assemblies come ready to be bolted into your existing DeLorean fan shroud. And plug directly into the DeLorean wiring connectors without any adapters or wiring changes. Also included are detailed installation instructions and our exclusive Wings-B-Cool™ Fans feature a limited lifetime warranty.

Please note, I needed the plugs from the fans so you'll need to add the plugs from your old fans or source new ones.

I'm offering the OEM shroud and fans as per the photos for £190 inc free delivery within the UK

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Posted by: little_daz - 14 Nov 2018, 21:48 - Forum: New member? Say hello :) - Replies (23)

Hi everyone!
I'm currently looking for a DeLorean, which I'm planning a Time Machine conversion (I know it's not to everyone's taste) that won't damage the car. It's taking some planning but I've got a few ideas.

Don't have a car yet but I'm hoping to be in the £25k region (Everything seems to be top whack at the moment though). I'll be searching for an 81 manual with grooved hood and grey - hopefully. Not after a minter, but something that's doesn't need too much work.

Anyway I'm hoping to make some good contacts and help where I can.


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  DOC channel updates
Posted by: theningiachicken - 08 Nov 2018, 11:43 - Forum: General Discussions on the DOC / Car / Company / JZD - Replies (13)

Hi all the channel has had a new banner made let me know what you guys think of it and if you know what photos are from where also the channel has reached 11 subscribers

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  Major issues
Posted by: kellygill82 - 06 Nov 2018, 15:19 - Forum: PARTS: 9 - Miscellaneous - Replies (5)

I’m seriously peed off. Been in touch with customer services to be told I have to state my problems here before anything will be done. I have wasted over £800 on this project for it to keep breaking. I have replaced most of the parts myself either with their shop and eBay! Because of changing the steering wheel column my car at the front is proper knackered. If this company got the instructions and parts right in the first place this wouldn’t happen. I’m not the only one it’s happening to either. It’s proper depressed me my car being broke because this was my first and it’ll be my last model magazine weekly build. For me to correct the damage I would have to start over because it’s all too fiddy to get to the parts I need to sort and I’m scared of causing more damage. Iv had enough. It won’t let me upload videos of the damage. This is one of the wheels that has snapped off

[Image: b5034a1ab3719b79ec7f7bf20d390024.jpg]

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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  Steering Colum covers
Posted by: cummil2 - 05 Nov 2018, 13:05 - Forum: General Discussions on the DOC / Car / Company / JZD - Replies (3)

Any ideas where I could purchase the under and over plastic trim at the rear of the steering wheel ?

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  11477 - new headliner! Finally!
Posted by: TristanC - 04 Nov 2018, 18:28 - Forum: Members Cars - Replies (7)

Well, I’ve finally finished the headliner!
I started this with my Dad back in August, sadly we didn’t complete it.

But I finished it today and whilst it ain’t perfect, I love it!
[Image: 3156395A-4150-4227-9197-8BFABD71436A.jpe...1024%2C769]

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  Happy Halloween
Posted by: Stuart Rees - 31 Oct 2018, 18:07 - Forum: Back To The Future - Replies (1)

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  80's Retro Film and Music Festival 2019
Posted by: Guinney1971 - 30 Oct 2018, 14:18 - Forum: Northern England - Replies (4)

I've been contacted about the above event being held in the Manchester Area 12-13 July 2019.

Contact Colin Slamon via http://www.back2the80s.com 

They usually get 3000-5000 attendees, and on the 12th they are showing BTTF on a big LED screen.

They are keen to get some DeLoreans along - can one of the NW area reps look into this and see if 
its worth booking a Club stand?

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  Custom made Banded Steel wheels for my delorean
Posted by: dknight - 26 Oct 2018, 15:18 - Forum: DeLorean Cars or Parts For Sale or Wanted - No Replies

So due to changes in my world these are now up for sale, I had these made to use as additional wheels whilst I get the originals refurbed, and liked the idea of some banded steels and thought they would work well. The fronts are 15" and the rears 16". I had them banded to sit perfect to the arches so they were just nicely tucked.
Wheels have been powder coated.

They are originally 4x100 Renault Megane wheels, professionally banded by a place local to me all balanced and checked afterwards.

Fronts are  195/55/15 Goodyear EfficientGrip with 5mm and 4mm tread, rears 255/50/16 Goodyear Eagle ZR50 with 5mm tread.
Rears have been on the lathe to fit the hub. Comes with centre caps too that I have made custom caps for, the centre caps stick out slightly with modification they would sit flush but I quite liked the look with them raised off. Also comes with long ended nuts to fit the caps on, and also comes with 10mm custom spacers which are needed for the rear to clear the brakes.
Also comes with one spare Eagle zr50 that I picked up.

Ive always said any other wheels on a delorean does not work but the basic look of these and the added width makes it not only look good but gives a bit more tractions with the bigger size.

Please do note if fitting these on the rear I advise having longer studs fitted, with the spacers on you can get the wheel nut on but I personally would like just a bit more thread to tighten on to.

I have never actually even used these, only for moving the car in the yard.

I would like £700 for them, any questions please give me a shout, collection location is Huddersfield West Yorkshire.

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