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  RHD Project for auction, 1st Sept 2018
Posted by: Chris Williams - 5 hours ago - Forum: DeLorean Cars or Parts For Sale or Wanted - Replies (1)

Really interesting project car that I'm sure ChrisP will be able to give more back ground on: https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/24877/lot/612/

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  Custom alternator adjuster
Posted by: SpudMurphy - 5 hours ago - Forum: DeLorean Cars or Parts For Sale or Wanted - Replies (4)

I helped this guy - a real petrol head develop a "Turnbuckle" adjuster for the Delorean.
he'd posted on here quite a while back but nothing seems to have come from it.

Restoring #11789 and having the alternator belt on and off many times - fitting exhausts, sensors , wiring ...I got frustrated at trying to tension the alternator then tighten everything up. As I say - done it loads of times.

This bracket makes replacement/tensioning an absolute dream.
I've removed the original bracket , bagged it and will keep it - so please if there are any DeLorean owners who frown on this, the car can easily be returned to stock.

Phil is on E bay and facebook . If you were to price up the components & factor in overheads and it's a fair price.

Xmas is coming - get one in your stocking ?

https://www.facebook.com/alternatoradju ... =3&theater

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  Over revving and other issues
Posted by: TristanC - 07 Aug 2018, 20:58 - Forum: 1 - Engine - Replies (48)

Well I’ve covered 430 trouble free miles in 11477..... but today that changed.

First some background, as I think it’s related to the over revving.

I finally found somewhere to regas the car with a drop in gas.
Amazingly, the AC kicked right in and the system was blowing cold.

That was yesterday.
Fast forward to today, where I took 11477 on a 90 mile round trip.
As I completed the first 45 miles smoke started to billow from the rear.
I immediately stopped to inspect - but it was NOT overheating. It was in fact the AC belt being shredded and covered my engine bay in rubber.

On inspection the compressor pulley is not aligned with the lower pulleys. It looks like the garage overtightened the belt or bent something?? What should I look for to get that sorted?

NEXT issue is the main one.... over revving to 2100 rpm ALL the time. Now this only started after the AC belt issue above. Has the AC system enabled something to increase revs that is now stuck??
I’m stuck, and am not sure where to look first......

NEXT issue is the speedo. It stopped working on my journey home with just 5 miles to go.
I could hear ticking coming from the speedo before hand and it started bouncing a little.
When this happened in the past, I pressed the trip reset and pulled back out and it resolved it. But not today. Instead, the speedo just stopped working in its entirety.
Could the trip reset have broken something inside the binnacle?
The lambda box connection looks good as does the angle drive at the wheel.
I hope it’s not the angle drive..... 

On the plus side I’ve now covered 500+ miles and all is relatively well with 11477.....


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  Finally got a Delorean...& it's about time!
Posted by: DeloreanRob1975 - 04 Aug 2018, 10:43 - Forum: New member? Say hello :) - Replies (4)

Hi, all,

New to the forum but joined the club in '99. Finally after waiting nearly 30 years, I got a DMC-12 last week, VIN 5294. It came over from Texas last year & it's not yet registered in the UK but hopefully I'll be doing that in a week or so.
Spent the last few days cleaning the interior & doing the odd bit of 'tinkering' as that's all I can do 'til it's road legal, lol  Big Grin

See you in the future!


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  More stuttering under load -suspect fuel pump
Posted by: TheScAtMaN - 02 Aug 2018, 09:46 - Forum: 2 - Emission / Fuel Systems - Replies (11)

Hi guys

I have a very similar problem to Nick H where my car becomes stuttery and hesitant under load:

But in my case I strongly suspect it's my fuel pump. A couple of months back I took my car down to Alex Canini near Hastings for a tune up and suspension work.
He discovered that my fuel pump would change output depending on what angle it was placed in!
It's not something I had noticed before but now that my car is much more stable handling wise and after tuning I find myself driving her faster.

Our working theory is that under heavy load the pump is shifting slightly and cutting out, as the car slows and it moves back normal flow is returned resulting in the pulling feeling I get.

The previous owner had replaced the pump about 3 years ago but seems it's a bit of a noddy-no-make. Assuming it is the pump what's the best one to replace it with?
I know there is an all in one jobby with the filter built in from the likes of Special T or should I go with the more traditional one sold by DeLorean Go?

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  11477 stars in local radio promo vid
Posted by: TristanC - 25 Jul 2018, 20:27 - Forum: Members Cars - Replies (2)

On Monday 23rd July 2018 I was invited to bring my beloved D to the local radio station, where I’d built up an acquaintance.

They wanted to film a small gag with the car. It was such fun and they were over awed with the car.
Anyway, it’s only a short one and it’s bit of a laugh...



(I’ve tried sharing to the club Facebook page, but I don’t think it allows visitor posts)

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  DeLorean News 80
Posted by: Chris Williams - 24 Jul 2018, 19:55 - Forum: Latest DOC News - No Replies

Firstly, our apologies for the delay in publication. Unfortunately due to Eddie have computer issues that hopefully will be sorted soon this issue has been delayed. However it has now been printed and has been posted so should be with everyone by the weekend. We are aiming to try and get back on track for the next issue with (fingers crossed) aiming for a September publication. We are in need of a few articles though, so please anything you have done/fixed/broke/ then please put a few words on paper along with a few pics to me and we can get it in to print.

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  Holiday Photos
Posted by: Smithy2970 - 19 Jul 2018, 20:15 - Forum: General Discussions on the DOC / Car / Company / JZD - Replies (7)

Finally worked out how to re-size photos!!!

Some pictures taken at DMC in Florida - managed to find the shop on a wet monday afternoon, just before they closed. They had 19 there including a customer BTTF car on display in the showroom.

Easy to find if anyone is off to Florida. 

Also found the tired looking BTTF DMC in Universal Studios.

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  Side stripes
Posted by: theningiachicken - 19 Jul 2018, 16:32 - Forum: 8 - Frame / Body / Interior - Replies (6)

Hi all just wondering if there are more photos of "prototype" side stripes as I found one on Twitter the other day and it looks different and cool.
I also noticed in the book there were some aswell but not full photos

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  Rear quarter window seal
Posted by: jwrayth - 18 Jul 2018, 22:04 - Forum: 8 - Frame / Body / Interior - Replies (7)

Previous owner window seal repair failed a few weeks ago and I've pulled the panel to remove the glass, prep the panel for refit etc... 

I cannot get the seal to hold to the corners properly at all. The sika 291i is just not holding it, and even with Ed suggesting tape to hold it whilst curing all I've ended up with is a mess.

Can anyone recommend a process for fitting? I will have to just skip the seal at this rate. Four times I've tried and all have failed.

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