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  DeLorean ‘unique’ Loud V8 Style Exhaust For Sale from VIN 5255
Posted by: Chris Hawes - 6 hours ago - Forum: DeLorean Cars or Parts For Sale or Wanted - No Replies

It’s a very sad day on one hand, that this exhaust is to be sold; but it's only for sale as no longer required due to the Legacy3 conversion.  It also means another enthusiast can enjoy the design on their car Smile 

The photos below show how it looked when fabricated from new in 2006.  Apart from the flanges (the flat parts that are on the ends of the tubing) it is stainless throughout.  Due to the unique header design it creates a much deeper V8 like rumble compared to the more Ferrari like rasp of the other more conventional designs.  The 3.5” tailpipes were my preference at the time but you could fit whatever shape and or sizes of back boxes to suit your taste.

New in 2006

September 2017 (last photo with the car as it was)

I’m pricing this now nearly twelve year old exhaust system for £300 and this includes a new gasket/stud kit (which cost £70) for free.  The price is based on that you could weld up some of the cracks which are due to metal fatigue (combination of age/heating up and cooling down) but my recommendation would be to give this to a fabricator, with your car and have it replicated with fresh metal.  It’s a lot easier and cheaper to copy then to design from scratch.  As a suggestion, http://www.jetex.co.uk would be where I would source the silencers from based on the quality and price.

Removed January 2018
Please note, this system would need a slight redesign for the bridging pipe (which joins the two separate banks) if to be installed to an automatic DeLorean.  Or you could dispense with the bridging part all together as a system this short doesn’t really need it.

This exhaust system doesn’t incorporate catalytic converters which aren’t a legal requirement in the UK for cars registered prior to 1992.  If where you are requires them, then your new interpretation of the system could easily incorporate them.

Collection or courier to the Birmingham address would be to where it and the gasket/stud kit are currently based.  Let me know here or email me if interested!

For those of you that would like a reminder as to how this system sounds here are some clips:-

The exhaust helped log figures of 148.7 HP (instead of the stock 130 HP) at the engine (Max Torque 186.8 FtLb) / 115.7 HP at the wheels

This video is now just shy of 100,000 hits on YouTube

Some fun at Silverstone on their skid pan

I tried to beat a known oil slip on a bend… failed to get the back end back and also didn’t dip the clutch fast enough

The first generation of this unique style of exhaust system utilised the cast iron stock manifolds and wasn’t quite the same sound, this dates back to 2003
3:37 is my favourite part of the video

Heston Blumenthal stepping out of it (although CGI had provided an even bigger exhaust and dry ice and strobing tail lights etc)

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  DeLorean 5 Speed UN1 369 Transmission For Sale from VIN 5255
Posted by: Chris Hawes - 20 Feb 2018, 21:58 - Forum: DeLorean Cars or Parts For Sale or Wanted - Replies (3)

DeLorean 5 Speed UN1 369 Transmission For Sale from VIN 5255
As per the photos it is in as removed condition; but underneath the dirt and grime is a very clean original transmission.  It's only for sale as no longer required due to the Legacy3 conversion.

Gearbox is currently in Birmingham for collection by the first serious buyer or courier on their behalf.  Let me know here or email me if interested, I can ship anywhere in the world!


img src="https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNvaLeGbE8sYwsqXvjlpqAREjQ9N5xBtyNeMChn3TP_yR0Ab7QebpCKGrJM23ZV5w/photo/AF1QipNoTfnP7q4nM1gooT-_V6QNbP9FVZ94vMS6Hf7t?key=bDRib0lKdld0VFJCakMzak82SDZBSEY0bFJCR1lR-no".jpg

Sold before I finished sorting out the photos.....

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  Rotor arm definitely needs a change!
Posted by: priesh - 20 Feb 2018, 16:31 - Forum: 3 - Electrical - Replies (2)

Hi all - took the intake off with a friend at the weekend - going to update a few things including the rotor arm.

Thought you would all enjoy seeing the state of the current one - definitely in need to a change!



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  Wanted: Distributor retainer clips 102690
Posted by: priesh - 18 Feb 2018, 08:11 - Forum: DeLorean Cars or Parts For Sale or Wanted - Replies (3)

Hi has anyone got some spares of these? Can't seem to get them anywhere except the US with insane postage.

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  Changing fuel filter leaky woes
Posted by: TheScAtMaN - 15 Feb 2018, 13:26 - Forum: 2 - Emission / Fuel Systems - Replies (19)

So I am trying to do some routine servicing on my D including new filters and oil.
As my main fuel filter does not appear to have been replaced in a few years I thought I would tackle that first.

It's in a hard-to-reach area and was stuck hard to the rigid fuel line but with a couple of attempts and skinned knuckles I was finally able to remove it, the bracket and finally unscrew the line coming out the top -Getting sprayed with a trickle of fuel at the same time!

Once out I re-used and fitted the bottom hard-line elbow and securing bracket, with new rubber strip to it to the new filter purchased from deloreango.

Re-fitting I connected the top hose with two new brass washers, replacing what was there before, loosely fitted the filter and bracket back to the frame and then with a bit of PTF tape around the bottom connector screwed in the hard line.

Now I have tried this 3 times, making everything as tight as possible, but when I start her up and check for drips I have fuel pissing out from the top and bottom connectors.
I managed to get the bottom one to almost completely stop but the top connector continues to leak. I've tried with a different combination of washers etc but still it leaks.

Frustrated I tried today to do an oil change, something I have done before in the past. Unfortuenelty my oil drain plug must have got a bit mangled up the last time I did it and the tool I used before no longer fits. After trying to fashion various other tools to budge it I have had to give up.  I have a new plug from deloreango that takes a simple spanner fitting but need to get this one out first.

So much for tackling the 'simple' service tasks.

Anyway, just wanted to vent. I will try again once the smell of petrol, oil and frustration goes away! Rolleyes


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  Will the DeLorean fit?
Posted by: TristanC - 13 Feb 2018, 21:43 - Forum: General Discussions on the DOC / Car / Company / JZD - Replies (9)

Ok, so my DeLorean purchase is somewhere on the horizon...

My Harley has now vacated my garage.... but it didn’t need the room a DeLorean will need.
I’m currently in the process of reorganising it so the sides are clear and all “stuff” will be at the far end once I’m done moving around and binning a load of junk.

The dimensions are as follows:

Length: 17ft 
(from the tools & shelves at end of the garage to the door)

Width: 8ft 9” 

Width of garage door opening 7ft 1” (81 inches)

[Image: 56994F4F-E53D-43F2-81E8-030FF93BE75F.jpeg]

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  1982 Black Auto - £42,000
Posted by: TristanC - 11 Feb 2018, 12:17 - Forum: DeLorean Cars or Parts For Sale or Wanted - Replies (11)

Strange one this

Pictures are of a Grey Manual..... description is for a black Auto....
Description seems similar to the £40k Antrim “Kuwait” car that was up for sale a little while ago.

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  Rochdale Classic Car/Bike Show. 15 July 2018
Posted by: Chris Williams - 07 Feb 2018, 11:40 - Forum: Northern England - No Replies

Dear Historic Vehicle Enthusiast.
We are sending this invitation to the second Rochdale Classic Car and Motorcycle Show & Family Fun Day.
If you came to last year’s show we hope that you enjoyed the day and we would like to let you have details of this year’s event.
The show will be on Sunday July 15th at the same venue Littleborough Sports Club OL15 OAP.
To improve access we have added five acres of extra visitor parking adjacent to the club. This will ensure show visitors do not have to negotiate the narrow access road which last year caused difficulties when the show vehicles were leaving.
This year we will be supporting Springhill Hospice and Rochdale Heartbeat charities.
Our website is open for registrations at: www.rochdaleclassiccarshow.org.uk and for further information on: 07722 959044
We hope that you will be able to visit us again in July and look forward to seeing you.
With Kind Regards from the Rotary Club of Rochdale Car Show Team.

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  Marty McFly trainers...... almost
Posted by: TristanC - 04 Feb 2018, 16:19 - Forum: Back To The Future - Replies (4)

So I fancied some of the McFly Nike trainers (not the 2015s, but the white with red ticks worn throughout BTTF)

Discovered they are called “Bruins” and can be bought for a mere £500.... hmmm perhaps not eh?

Annnnnyway, cut to a visit to sports direct where I find a pair that are pretty much identical to Bruins.... these are called “Court Royale”
Unfortunately they didn’t have a pair with the red tick..... but they did have a blue tick and a white tick.
BUUUT, for £35 on the sports direct website, you can get a pair with the red tick as modelled by me, below.

[Image: 2DCF0880-F15D-4224-B57B-860DA26071CE.jpeg]


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  Centre Console - DIN back to Craig/ASI
Posted by: TristanC - 04 Feb 2018, 14:49 - Forum: 8 - Frame / Body / Interior - Replies (6)

Not sure if I’ve posted in the appropriate section...perhaps applies to “electrical” also??

Anyway, does anyone have any guidance/help to convert a din cutout back to original Craig/ASI radio “post” type fitment?

As a non-owner at this precise moment, I have no way of knowing how to resolve this potential issue without having the vehicle in front of me to assess a way forward.

I’m asking because I will be in a position to purchase shortly and see a few cars out there have been modified to DIN.
I’d like the original look, but maybe with the Bluetooth upgrade to a Craig/ASI radio that’s currently on offer.

If fitting the Craig to a DIN cutout is not an option then my other idea is to get a Retrosound radio with a DIN repair kit and fix a Craig faceplate to it..... (seen this done already)
(Although I’ve heard some bad things about the Retrosound reliability if you disconnect the car battery)


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