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Radio 2 Chris Evans & BTTF Car
Quote:Sadly, I believe that both parties truly believe they had/have a Movie car, based upon the documentation it came with.
Thanks for clearing this up Darren. Seems to be a common problem with these BTTF cars, I guess because most are so screen accurate and/or have been used to promote so much BTTF stuff over the years it sort of sticks that it's a proper screen used car. Either way hopefully it will all be resolved amicably.
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Quote:It is assumed whitin the DeLorean community that this is the 'original C-car', or am I wrong here
I guess the problem is that most (including myself) would not know the difference. If someone said this is the car from BTTF, unlike all the experts on them I would not know the difference between any of them apart from the obvious bits. In my opinion they all look to be great cars and only the experts can tell them apart.
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2021's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584
It seems not as simple as even that though. From my understanding (no BTTF expert) several other promotion cars were built using screen/film car parts. Will be interesting to hear the outcome.
Darren C Wrote:Ok,

I kind of know Joe from a meeting a couple of years ago. Firstly he’s actually a good guy.
He purchased the car in blind faith.
Blind faith in the seller that he’s had a friendship with for many, many years.
He truly believed what he was told from this old friend.
The car came with “paperwork” including a bill of sale (originality under question) allegedly from the guy’s who built the screen cars, certifying this as the ORIGINAL “C” car from the movies.
After listening to Radio 2 yesterday morning and lengthy conversations with Alistair, throughout the day I called Joe and he phoned me straight back.
I was on the telephone to him for over 20 minutes discussing Vin 10680 and explaining the Gary Weaver build.
Joe is still sceptical over my advice as he paid an undisclosed premium for the car from an old friend and had no reason to doubt him.
Granted it’s easy for us to laugh and say “ha, ha, should have done your homework mate” but when you’ve known and trusted someone 40 years before you buy a car from them you are inclined to have faith in them.
Sadly, I believe that both parties truly believe they had/have a Movie car, based upon the documentation it came with.
I am currently in conversation with Gary Weaver and will present Joe with some original history for 10680 and then leave it up to him to decide what to do.
What is Paramount here is that Joe (a multi-millionaire Ferrari & exotic dealer) LOVES the car, he loves the fact that above any other car he has ever owned, this Delorean brings so much joy to all that see it. He takes time out of his very busy lifestyle to do charity work with the car and is so enthusiastic about it.
I felt terrible talking to him about it’s origins, but as someone that considered offering me a job when I was once out of work, I couldn’t let him be ridiculed and his reputation be marred by continuing so publicly to promote this blindly as a genuine movie car.

No offence intended Darren.

It sounds more like the PO was mis-sold something it isn't, or possibly the PPO. Often people claim their car is "the movie car" but to be specific that it was the C car, is kinda odd.

It will be interesting to hear what GWII says about it.

Here's an article about it ... l?mode=jqm
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Hey guys. Just found the message from Darren about this issue today.

No doubt in my mind that's my first Delorean and BTTF Conversion.

It's sad to see the current owner and even possibly the one before that was misled on what the car was.

Hopefully we can sort this all out with the current owner and report when we all know a bit more.

-Gary Weaver II
Blimey what have I started!!!

Interesting story though, and has been said, I hope all parties can
resolve any issues that may arise amicably.

Joe seems a really nice guy from what I've seen and read, and its
excellent that the car is doing great work for charity and other good causes.

To be continued no doubt!
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Maybe 'he who shall not be named' got to him, and used the force to turn him officially to the dark side..?

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