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Full Version: Radio 2 Chris Evans & BTTF Car
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Did anyone hear the guy with 'The' BTTF car on Chris Evans Breakfast Show
this morning?

Claimed it was 'The' car from the movie, and that he got if from a barn in Cornwall.

I seem to recall a museum in Cornwall having a BTTF car a while ago, is it the same
one? Wasn't there a dispute about the provenance of the car?
Did you catch the owners name?
Joe McCarry, based in London.

Podcast here:
Ahh OK it is this guy: now has the ex Goldsmiths museum car from, yes Cornwall
Am I right in my thinking that this is 'just' another BTTF Replica and NOT
one of the cars used in the films?
It was a Gary Weaver conversion iirc, so post movie.
From what I was being told last night he (Joe) has been mis-sold it. He bought it with lots of paperwork to confirm it was a 'proper' BTTF car. Opened a bit of a can of worms I think.
True Chris, from my reading it looks very likely he bought in good faith. I wonder if he could go back to the seller?
Obviously if he's paid a premium for the history and that was stated as part of the sale, he could have a case.
If he didn't pay a premium then I'd imagine many replicas are better constructed and cared for than prop vehicles.
I reckon if he had done his homework properly, he would have known that this isn't a car that was used in the films .... I mean, within the DeLorean community, it's widely known were the screenused BTTF DeLoreans are (or were), isn't it?

PS. 'screenused' isn't the same thing as 'build for promotional purposes' ... :wink:
I must admit that there is a certain irony of a used car dealer being mis-sold a used car.
Dangermouse Wrote:I must admit that there is a certain irony of a used car dealer being mis-sold a used car.

The irony of this is that whoever sold this car could have probably sold it at premium as a Gary weaver build Big Grin
Quote:I must admit that there is a certain irony of a used car dealer being mis-sold a used car.
I like this :lol: :lol: Not because I would ever wish any bad luck on any one, but yes very ironic!

I kind of know Joe from a meeting a couple of years ago. Firstly he’s actually a good guy.
He purchased the car in blind faith.
Blind faith in the seller that he’s had a friendship with for many, many years.
He truly believed what he was told from this old friend.
The car came with “paperwork” including a bill of sale (originality under question) allegedly from the guy’s who built the screen cars, certifying this as the ORIGINAL “C” car from the movies.
After listening to Radio 2 yesterday morning and lengthy conversations with Alistair, throughout the day I called Joe and he phoned me straight back.
I was on the telephone to him for over 20 minutes discussing Vin 10680 and explaining the Gary Weaver build.
Joe is still sceptical over my advice as he paid an undisclosed premium for the car from an old friend and had no reason to doubt him.
Granted it’s easy for us to laugh and say “ha, ha, should have done your homework mate” but when you’ve known and trusted someone 40 years before you buy a car from them you are inclined to have faith in them.
Sadly, I believe that both parties truly believe they had/have a Movie car, based upon the documentation it came with.
I am currently in conversation with Gary Weaver and will present Joe with some original history for 10680 and then leave it up to him to decide what to do.
What is Paramount here is that Joe (a multi-millionaire Ferrari & exotic dealer) LOVES the car, he loves the fact that above any other car he has ever owned, this Delorean brings so much joy to all that see it. He takes time out of his very busy lifestyle to do charity work with the car and is so enthusiastic about it.
I felt terrible talking to him about it’s origins, but as someone that considered offering me a job when I was once out of work, I couldn’t let him be ridiculed and his reputation be marred by continuing so publicly to promote this blindly as a genuine movie car.
I don't know the guy personaly and I believe you when you say that he's a good guy, but if someone wanted to sell me the 'original C-car', this is what first comes to my mind:


It is assumed whitin the DeLorean community that this is the 'original C-car', or am I wrong here?

Offcourse, there is always the possibilty that someone, somewhere has put this car back together under the radar, isn't it? That would be totally new to me, 'cause I have always been under the impression that this DeLorean was destroyed by Universal after the trilogy. If true, that would be one hell of a find!

When you have more information about this car, please post it, 'cause I'm very curious about the history ....
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