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2 X DeLoreans for Auction NEC November
£57k and £85k
Anyone know if these cars are staying in the UK?

Hopefully AXI is, maybe a chance to get all AXI cars on the NEC stand next year as they would have been in the 82/83 motor show back in the day.

DOC 116
VIN 6237

We could certainly try, 1698 is back in NI, but I'm still in touch with the owner. 1699 is apparently in a private collection.,
but apparently a nice chap. As We know 1697 is in London.  If we decide we want to do that next year, let me know and I'll make some enquires. ...Next year.

Here are a few Random photo's:-

Chris Parnham

Ex RHD Auto's etc.etc

Main Car.. Kia E Niro 4+
Skoda Yetil 4X4.
Toyota Vitz 4X4 1999 (the smallest 4X4 by far!.
1970 Jago Jeep.

DOC Club Historian 

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