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BTTF for BBC in London
Hi Folk,

I had a call from a lady at the BBC this morning, can anyone help? I think they are prepared to pay! ( makes a change) :-

Hi Chris,

Re our conversation this morning. I am looking to hire a De lorean car like the one from the Back to the Future films (with gadgets/additions) to take some publicity photos with Peter Snow who is presenting a 10 part series on radio 4 called Back to the Future with high profile guests.

We would like it in central London in the morning of Thursday 24th September when Alan Johnson MP and Robert Peston will be our guests (and sit in it too!).

If you could ask any of your members if they can help I would be delighted. My email is and phone number 0131 248 4151.

Many thanks and best wishes,


Lucy Anderson I BBC Radio Scotland

0131 248 4151

BBC The Tun, 111 Holyrood Road I Edinburgh I EH8 8PJ
Chris Parnham

RHD Factory Used Auto  

DOC Club Historian 

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