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BTTF car needed for art project

I'm working with a photographer friend of mine on a graphic design project based around classic film posters. The idea is to create a series of film posters for classic films featuring super-fans of each film.

As a De Lorean owner, BTTF was obviously the first classic film to come to mind. The project is still in its preliminary stage at the moment as we are currently recruiting people to appear in the posters, but i have included here a couple of sketches which will hopefully give some idea of what we're aiming to do.

We're looking for someone with BTTF De Lorean (sadly, mine is flux capacitor less) who'd like to get involved in appearing with their car in the BTTF poster. We'd be looking to shoot sometime during the summer, with the aim of exhibiting the full series early in 2016.

Many thanks


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