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Hoverboard for sale (THE one from the film)
An interesting auction lot (well two actually) lot numbers 15 & 16 at to be held on the 16th October. Guide price pice 14-18k ! well worth a look at the auction, there is some really cool stuff. If you have the money.

15. Marty McFly’s (Michael J. Fox) Mattel Hoverboard
A prop Mattel Hoverboard used by Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) in Robert Zemeckis’ sci-fi film
Back to the Future: Part II. The Hoverboard prop is seen throughout the movie and is a major
device of the storyline; it also features heavily in Back To the Future: Part III.
A number of prop Hoverboards were created for the film, in either a lightweight Styrofoam or in
solid wood, with varying styles of construction and degrees of detail. This solid wood version is
sturdy and heavy and features a photo-type finish as opposed to the lenticular finish. The board
shows a few scuffs and scratches from production use and age.
This particular example features a rare ball-bearing spinning footpad, which is dark green in colour.
The fluffy pink foot strap cover is missing from the pad. The underside is complete with two silver
painted hover pads. There is a hole towards the front for the handle bars, seen when Marty first takes
possession of the board in the film. Dimensions: 8 cm x 73 cm x2 0 cm (8” x 28½” x 3”)

But how cool, to own this:
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Well there is some very interesting stuff….but would I rather have Matry's actual Hover board….or a fix-er-upper DeLorean? I think i'd go for the car! :roll:
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