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Back to the Future clear out!
I have decided to clear out 'some' of my BTTF collection to finance another project (of the Moggy sort) and I'm flogging these 2 items:
First is the 2011 San Diego Comic Con Back to the Future 1:43 HotWheels exclusive which I'm looking to get around £80, as new and has been dry stored for some time, car has never been taken out of its display box.
Second is a JVC GR-C1 camcorder with carry case and accessories, leads,battery charger,battery and one tape,it does work,tape ejects,counter works etc but battery does not hold a charge-when connected to a 9v supply images can be seen on the view screen but I think it needs adjustment to the focus or something,but still a great addition to a BTTF collection,as it's in really good condition-£100,these are getting extremely rare now, I've seen 2 go for upwards of £160 in the same condition. I'll price up postage on selling.
I thought I'd let the guys in the club have first dibs, if not I'll put them on eBay. I've got some more stuff to go but I can't get to it just yet,and I apologise for the blue table covering-thanks for looking! 8)
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