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Vin 12181 Resto
How did you get on with the T panel,I have the same problem with mine.It has left a mark on the right hand door,I haven't carried out any adjustment yet.
Yes Chris I am going down that path but I will always keep the old parts so it can be changed back at a later time. That is how it was meant to look but it was just modified for the European design rules.
As for the T panel I am going to have to live with it being ill fitted and tubing on the door when they are opened fully. If I adjust the doors out (away from the T panel) they will not line up with the window A Pillars. It would be nice to have all the gaps equal but I tend to think that the doors are slightly different sizes or shape.
Well after a few months of inactivity due to a trip to America and then a trip to Antarctica I'm back.
The rear Fascia has been a huge project as it was badly warped due to having no support from the old tail lights, Finally after making a metal bracket to get the fascia back into shape I managed to get the Tail lights to fit and it all looks great.
I purchased a cover for the coil from DMCH as mine was missing and notice that the original mounting is different. It is retained by a rubber strap instead of the clips. I am going to have to re route some of the hoses as they also interfere with it. I think that it was just the previous mechanic being a bit lazy.
The interior is nearly finished and I just have to install the door seals and re glue the roof lining. Also new door struts may be needed as the doors sag when opened.
I have also purchased new fuel lines to go on and a new air cleaner assembly as the original would not clip closed properly due to a small break.
The fuel lines will be fitted by a Volvo expert and I will also get him to do the plugs and leads whilst he is at it.
I bought a new fuse box and relay kit as well but the original metal bracket that hold everything has been cut to accommodate a aftermarket fuse box. that will have to wait as it will be a huge job to sort out the wiring to match up with the new fuse box.
Hopefully as work allow I will get some more time to finish it.
Hi David,

Nice to hear from you again.
What you always have to keep at the back of your mind with these Wooler-Hodec cars is that they were very early cars. In your case (as you know) VIN 652, made on 20th Feb 1981. They were all basically pre-production prototypes and would normally have been scrapped, indeed about 70% of them were anyway .
There are quite a few differences from later cars, many of the bits were updated but some weren't and some of the panel fits are very poor.
I hope your door strut anchor pins are fitted into some nice thick fibre-glass……as many of the Wooler cars had a failure, and as the pin ripped out, the strut came lancing down towards the drivers ( or passengers) head! Good luck with the rest or the refurbishment.
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Thanks Chris,
The panel fitment is very poor to say the least. The anchor points for the struts do appear to have a slight bend but not too much so I am hoping that they will be OK.
I would be tempted to tighten up the torsion bars by one notch to help but I have no one that can help me and it is a two person job at least.
I am pleased how it is coming along and frustrated at the terribly hot weather we are having as it makes working in my shed near impossible.
Is that a Rover SD1 tail light cluster there? Were they fitted to all of the prototypes and mules as well?
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I wouldn't tighten the torsion bars until you have a new set of struts on there. If the doors are still sluggish with new struts and don't stay up, then one notch on the torsion might do the trick.

Wish we were having hot weather atm quite the opposite :x
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Yes the tail lights are rover ones. They were just resting behind the fascia, supported by some badly fashioned aluminium brackets hence that allowed the rear fascia to droop badly. I would have dearly loved to buy a new rear fascia but the shipping cost to Australia were prohibitive. As you can see the rear is much better. I will need however to get it repainted as the paint has peeled in one spot. This happened when I tried to remove a sticker.
I have kept all the lights and surrounds so at a later date it can be changed back.
I am going to order some new struts first an wonder which ones you would recommend ? The Hood and engine cover ones ar still good.
It's been a while since I have posted anything so here is a progress report. Found a brand new set of Cibies Euro spec headlights here in Australia for only $100 Au for all four! Bargain.
I have fitted a new air cleaner cover as the old one would not keep the hold down clamps fitted properly. New door struts fitted and I am very happy with the result. Fitted a new striker plate for the storage box behind the seat and now it looks better and also locks.
New coil cover purchased and fitted as the old one was missing.
At the moment it is away getting new fuel lines fitted as well as a brake overhaul and all new radiator hoses fitted. It is also getting the air con hoses replace if needed and a badly needed tune and oil change. New steering bush is also to be fitted.
When I get it back it should be ready for full licence ( your mot)
I do need however to find a spare wheel as it is missing and I can't find a suitable alternative.
I visited the mechanic that is doing some work on my car yesterday. I must say I am very pleased with what has been done so far. The new fuel lines look great and he has fitted new plugs and given it a tune up. He says it is running much smoother apart from a dreaded cold start problem but he is getting a KJetronic Guru to put some gauges on to check fuel pressures. It was the first time I have seen it on a hoist and the underside and chassis is in great condition. Next on the list is brakes and the cooling system then a general clean up of the underside including fitting a new steering bush. I did notice that the air conditioning line to the condenser has been modified and is now running a copper pipe. Not a big deal but something to do later on.
Then its off to licensing . Not as serious as your MOT stuff as it already has a restricted licence so its just making sure all the basics work as they should.
I am so looking forward to getting this on the road and reliable.
airfireman1 Wrote:I purchased a cover for the coil from DMCH as mine was missing and notice that the original mounting is different. It is retained by a rubber strap instead of the clips.

The coil cover with the rubber strap is the later style for cars above VIN 11672.

[Image: wooler-hodec-coil-cover.jpg]

Quite a number of the Wooler-Hodec cars that I've seen have this later style coil cover with rubber strap so it's another example of the later style part being fitted to these VIN 6XX cars.
Phil Peters
VIN 12173 (a.k.a VIN 601)
bjbrownie Wrote:Is that a Rover SD1 tail light cluster there? Were they fitted to all of the prototypes and mules as well?

All Wooler-Hodec cars started out with the standard federal spec lights. Here's a photo of some of the cars at the Wooler-Hodec works which was posted here on the forum some time ago. You can just about make out the rear lights setup:

[Image: 58006_10150337550735191_559100190_162669...5543_n.jpg]

Note the red rear side marker lenses too.
Phil Peters
VIN 12173 (a.k.a VIN 601)
Great pictures, after pulling the fuel pump out we found the suction line was collapsing. That was sorted ou by inserting a spring down it. The sealing boot is however split so I have had to order a new one. I am so happy with how it's comming along and looking forward to seeing what progress has taken place in the past few days
Well good news, the car passed its inspection with flying colours, as soon as the paperwork is processed it will have full registration(MOT) that should happen in a couple of days. It has been well over a year since I purchased it and to finally have it looking and running properly is such a great feeling. I only have a few cosmetic things that need doing now, rear view mirrors need looking at and central locking that was disconnected needs to be sorted.
Hi David,

Great news that things are moving along. The altered wiring (some done with the dreaded 'scotch locks' ) can be a bit of an issue with some of the RHD conversions…central locking mirror adjustment etc.

Have you thought about the con-vexed mirror lenses? They were fitted as standard on the 3 AXI cars. I find them much better than flat glass, available from Europe I understand.
Chris Parnham in Derby  07502 143 433
Grey RHD Auto MGJ 126Y (AXI 1699)
BMW X1 4X4 Auto.
Mitsubishi Outlander Plug in 4X4
MG ZS EV Plug in (on order)

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