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Certain props are expensive......
If you're contemplating a top notch BTTF conversion,make sure you're sitting down when you see the price of this essential conversion part!! :lol:
And it's a replica part......
#10556 'Ol Stainless' running surprisingly well,Audi A5 2.0T Quattro smug as usual,Wenault Slaguna stationary for the mo',the R.V.Enterprise clocking the U.K.miles up,new fleet addition-Jessica the Daewoo Matiz,silly but 55mpg....!
Blimey, I have a resin casting of that part - I need to ebay it, clearly.

Dave Howarth could get your resin casting copied…no probs.
Chris Parnham

RHD Factory Used Auto  

DOC Club Historian 
One reason why I am going for an original design, can use whatever junkyard parts look cool at normal junkyard prices. Smile

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