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Expensive Lego bricks with a BTTF tag
Some things that are BTTF related can be overpriced-in this case a pile of Lego bricks that look fookall like the DMC it's supposed to be! Are these collectors/people mad? :lol:
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WTF ???

We could supply you all the bits to make that yourself from our online Lego store for a
tiny fraction of that price.
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Guilty your honour! Mind you I didn't have time to paint it and it's not to scale ;-)

£34.99 from Toys R Us and it will take you a good 2 hours to put together. 10 mins if you have a child handy!

[Image: 993646_1401644786723820_2005400486_n.jpg]
[Image: 1002573_1401644746723824_1207676221_n.jpg]
[Image: 1016960_1401644603390505_1192001704_n.jpg]
[Image: 999058_1401644373390528_2021148075_n.jpg]
[Image: 988700_1401644233390542_576998947_n.jpg]
[Image: 603346_1401653346722964_1877886457_n.jpg]

That other model is far closer to the real thing but a bit too pricey as you guys have already pointed out!
I hate to say it, being a fan of all things BTTF, but that just looks like POO! What a pile of garbage. LEGO should be ashamed of themselves for trying to pawn this off as something which is supposed to look like the BTTF time machine. It's a sad, but probably successful attempt at ripping people off by trying to convince them that this is honestly as good a representation of the said article as their great design power minds could come up with. Total PISH! I'll not be buying that.
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Hi Chris. Point taken, but I think you are missing the idea here.

This was one of the chosen items in a vote by the public...

It isn't a great representation true enough. But it states the age 10 on the box.

Thus making it affordable by kids and actually buildable by a 10 year old.

If it were a true representation of the real thing, then there would be too many secrets being given away about the building of an 'official' time machine.

And £35 isnt expensive for an official item... If the model was too complicated and too expensive, it wouldnt sell to the market it was aimed at, and none of the copyrights etc would get reimbursed,

If you want a model DeLorean, buy a sunstar model. After all, Lego is Lego and if a host of specialist parts are made to create it, then it wouldnt be lego.. it would be an airfix!

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