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Wooden DMC build
had to finish veneering one side for starters
[Image: dscn1819.jpg]
[Image: dscn1820.jpg]
[Image: dscn1821.jpg]
[Image: dscn1822.jpg]
work begins on Y frame chassis front part...
front frame put together
[Image: dscn1910.jpg]
trying to come up with solution to strengthen weakest points of frame
[Image: dscn1911.jpg]
[Image: dscn1912.jpg]
[Image: dscn1913.jpg]
[Image: dscn1914.jpg]
trying to come up with something that will control my wheels
[Image: dscn1915.jpg]
bottom shelve added for complete support
[Image: dscn1916.jpg]
wheels test fitted
[Image: dscn1917.jpg]
edges to be cut and rounded so that wheels can move
[Image: dscn1918.jpg]
moving perfect
[Image: dscn1919.jpg]
adding more detail on sides for extra strength of the frame parts
[Image: dscn1920.jpg]
steering system test fitted and in place...test fitted to frame just for looks....
next time will try to marry both frame parts together
[Image: dscn1921.jpg]
That really is superb work, hats off to you sir!

Membership Secretary DOC UK
2021's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584
Chris Williams Wrote:That really is superb work, hats off to you sir!

thank you sir :wink:
arms to be done to steer wheels
[Image: dscn1922.jpg]
both in place
[Image: dscn1923.jpg]
tiny part of wood added on top of arm for extra strength
[Image: dscn1924.jpg]
part to join track rod end added
[Image: dscn1925.jpg]
both sides of wheels hooked up, steering rod/bar joined, test fitted, works perfect
[Image: dscn1926.jpg]
[Image: dscn1927.jpg]
[Image: dscn1928.jpg]
front frame temp fixed on body so it can be married with the rest of Y frame
[Image: dscn1929.jpg]
checking gaps in wheel arches and frame position in front....OK, just like the look of this :driving1:
[Image: dscn1930.jpg]
wheels sits perfect all around, its time to have one proper Y frame chassis
[Image: dscn1931.jpg]
creating base plate that will join both frames permanently together, in real life I guess it's called fuel tank closing plate
[Image: dscn1932.jpg]
wood strips glued together and sanded, ready to be attached
[Image: dscn1933.jpg]
when was removing complete Y frame chassis decided to remove front luggage compartment and make it better after steering is sorted out
[Image: dscn1934.jpg]
adding extra strength and extension to steering wheel so it can reach front steering mechanism
[Image: dscn1936.jpg]
[Image: dscn1937.jpg]
decided to add extra support for steering column, in meantime created extra DMC signature at the front, it will be barely seen when front luggage compartment will go in, looks cool tho
[Image: dscn1938.jpg]
support wall installed
[Image: dscn1939.jpg]
cutting to add
[Image: dscn1940.jpg]
steering done and working, small tweaks and details to be added to permanently finish
[Image: dscn1941.jpg]

watch video to see steering in action
That is so impressive, you really do have a very special set of skills....!!
malcy34 Wrote:That is so impressive, you really do have a very special set of skills....!!
cheers :wink:
Before remodeling front trunk had to sort out something else
had to get some parts first,some LED's
[Image: dscn1942.jpg]
and donor for few more electrical parts
[Image: dscn1943.jpg]
spots on wooden eyes marked for....
[Image: dscn1944.jpg]
holes drilled, more detail to add
[Image: dscn2011.jpg]
test reflector fitted
[Image: dscn2013.jpg]
all the other lights test fitted
[Image: dscn2015.jpg]
[Image: dscn2014.jpg]
The level of detail you are putting into this is awesome!
VIN# 04708, Grey interior, 5 speed, October 1981
DOC 649
ex DOC 562
MikeWard Wrote:The level of detail you are putting into this is awesome!
thanks MikeWard, trying my best to accommodate needs of woodworking art, scale of model and detail of Delorean Wink
Truly amazing craftsman ship!

Just one small point, there's way too much lock on that steering :lol: :lol: (j/k)
Richard H. DOC 365 VIN 1274
In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.
for past few days there was good few trials and errors on front lights. Wanted to get best possible result of the looks of the front lights.
So here it goes...
Started with this, my good old friend Arthur Guinness came in to workshop to give us a hand on project
[Image: dscn2016.jpg]
it got cut in pieces
[Image: dscn2017.jpg]
made some clever tool
[Image: dscn2018.jpg]
did some mirror shine polishing
[Image: dscn2019.jpg]
used my new cool tool and hammer to make some cool stuff
[Image: dscn2020.jpg]
and I have shiny reflectors for my lights
[Image: dscn2021.jpg]
looking good
[Image: dscn2022.jpg]
time paint background black
[Image: dscn2023.jpg]
[Image: dscn2024.jpg]
clear plastic saved from flowers used for glass imitation...lines cut with paper knife
[Image: dscn2025.jpg]
vola, 2 lights done so far
[Image: dscn2026.jpg]
will be adding another cool feature
[Image: dscn2027.jpg]
here's lights in action with dimming control
The level of detail is amazing, love the lights!
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2021's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584
Cheers Chris :wink:

both lights in
[Image: dscn2028.jpg]
before wiring front lights need to sort out trunk for space
first panel goes in
[Image: dscn2029.jpg]
back wall of trunk goes in
[Image: dscn2030.jpg]
[Image: dscn2031.jpg]
and floor...with correctly positioned spare wheel space...front wall to be added...all to be primed and painted in glossy black paint
[Image: dscn2032.jpg]
and few more details to be added Wink
I love seeing the progress on this.

After you have finished it, you defo need to get a full size delorean Big Grin

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