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Wooden DMC build
Hi to everyone, as a big fan of DMC building one of my first wooden cars in scale of 1:10. This is sort of learning curve project along some other ones.
Hope to update on regular basis.
[Image: 31032010.jpg]
[Image: 31032011.jpg]
[Image: 01042010.jpg]
[Image: 01042011.jpg]
[Image: 01042012.jpg]
[Image: 02042010.jpg]
[Image: 02042011.jpg]
[Image: 02042012.jpg]
[Image: 02042013.jpg]
[Image: 02042014.jpg]
[Image: 02042015.jpg]

some more stuff done at the front on other car
[Image: 03042010.jpg]
[Image: 03042012.jpg]
[Image: 03042011.jpg]

back wall fitted
[Image: 07042010.jpg]
tbar fitted
[Image: 07042011.jpg]
window frame fitted
[Image: 07042012.jpg]
[Image: 07042013.jpg]

few more bits done and doors fitted
[Image: 08042010.jpg]
[Image: 08042011.jpg]
[Image: 08042012.jpg]
[Image: 08042013.jpg]

Bonnet painted, brushed and lacquer protective coat applied
[Image: 11042010.jpg]
[Image: 11042011.jpg]

work on spare wheel space and other bits
[Image: 15042017.jpg]
[Image: 16042010.jpg]
[Image: 16042011.jpg]
[Image: 16042012.jpg]
[Image: 16042013.jpg]
[Image: 16042014.jpg]
[Image: 16042015.jpg]

cooking up some mechanism to pop open hood from interior
tiny wooden cylinders
[Image: 18042010.jpg]
[Image: 18042011.jpg]
glued on
[Image: 18042012.jpg]
tiny valve type yokes made for tiny cylinders
[Image: 02052010.jpg]
springs fitted and mechanism tested
[Image: 02052011.jpg]
[Image: 02052012.jpg]
space for rear windows cut out
[Image: 25042010.jpg]
[Image: 25042011.jpg]
more parts fitted under hood, getting ready for primer
[Image: 06052010.jpg]
[Image: 06052011.jpg]
front lights get some test glass cover and marks placed for cutting space for indicators
[Image: 06052012.jpg]
[Image: 06052013.jpg]
legendary badge on production line Big Grin
[Image: 06052014.jpg]
made and fitted
[Image: 06052015.jpg]
That is absolutely awesome, i can you see you getting some orders from people on here, fans and owners,perhaps even personalising the models so they are
a replica of the owners own car..!!!... i like it alot...keep it up the good wood..or wood work..!!!! Smile
Agreed, absolutely awesome! 8)

Ex 1981 DMC Delorean Time Machine owner.
and of course we need to see a Time Machine wooden model..!!!! Big Grin

Roughly how long has this taken you?
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126
@ Rich Hanlon - thanks, I started this build in start of last month, it has taken so long coz one of my main tools broke down and I had to order new one, better one for more precise work....and I do another project as well, which is toyota mr2 as I'm fan of them cars as well and I'm an owner of one....and as this build is my first one, it takes time as well to pick up things. It's more like artwork, no rules, just imagination Wink In basics, there should be around 80+ hours involved so far.
@ malcy34 - time machine is cool car, I might modify it with bits from it once this DMC is close to finish line
@ lukebrynycz - thanks, appreciate that Wink
Very Impressive Big Grin
Bingley, West Yorkshire
VIN 2493

"Hey you, get your dam hands off her"
[quote="silverlux"]and I do another project as well, which is toyota mr2 as I'm fan of them cars as well and I'm an owner of one


I sold my MR2 Turbo to get this Delorean. It was a sleeper, 420hp/380fp with bootmount IC :wink:

They're amazing cars aint they!

Ex 1981 DMC Delorean Time Machine owner.
@ Deloreanyorkshire - thanks mate, appreciate that

@ lukebrynycz - geez, 400-hp for mr2 is mad one is n/a, at the moment off the road, trying to raise cash to put it back on. Cool car, love the tbar and turning heads when it passes people in city Wink

hood opening mechanism fitted
[Image: 09052010.jpg]
dashboard piece coming together
[Image: 09052011.jpg]
[Image: 09052012.jpg]
[Image: 09052013.jpg]
lacquer coated
[Image: 09052014.jpg]
[Image: 09052015.jpg]
Now THAT is a thing of beauty....
Richard H. DOC 365 VIN 1274
In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.
RichH Wrote:Now THAT is a thing of beauty....
Thanks mate Wink
Speedo for dash
[Image: dscn4710.jpg]
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126
Wow that binnacle/instrument cluster is very very good.
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2021's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584
@ Rich Hanlon - appreciate that mate
@ Chris Williams - a bit of task to put it together Smile it's only 35mm wide and for a first go it looks superb. Only when zoomed with camera you can see more details Big Grin Dials are edited on photoshop, then printed number of times on photo paper to get close enough color and resolution as fine as possible, then glued on tiny wood panel behind it, then everything covered with auto lacquer to give a print and details max protection from fingers and any moisture. Had plastic in front of it, but removed as colors are better without it.

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