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Mattel HotWheels Elite 1/43 BTTF DMC
Popping up on eBay now is the new BTTF DMC , quite pricey for a small model but with good detail- but why the hell did they put offroad tyres on it?! One to collect if cheap enough but only available Stateside it appears at the moment 8)
PS, and why's it got a rear view interior mirror?
#10556 'Ol Stainless' running surprisingly well,Audi A5 2.0T Quattro smug as usual,Wenault Slaguna stationary for the mo',the R.V.Enterprise clocking the U.K.miles up,new fleet addition-Jessica the Daewoo Matiz,silly but 55mpg....!
It's a great little model but nothing beats the Minichamps 1:43 Time Machine!

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