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Consolidate bttf car posts PLEASE
I think the general consensus its that Steve's REPETITIVE PETULANT posts for his hire business are really annoying, childish and against forum policy.

Could someone please either consolidate them to 1 post or simply to the recycle bin.

This is not the first time on a Club forum that he has bombarded us with his ego when having a tantrum.

For goodness sake, please put a stop to this.

Thank you
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I have asked Steven to limit his posts to save forum space Etc,also I respectfully ask everyone to please not respond to anything they find objectionable please just move on. I took the descision to create a specific BTTF section on the forum (with Mikes help) where all BTTF topics could be placed therefore if any one had no interest in BTTF then you have no need to enter the BTTF section. I have also moved a lot of the older BTTF posts in hear as well. To help the guys and to try to avoid the need for excessive postings I have also created a sort of 'advert' for the three club members who have BTTF cars who hire them out, as a lot of public do go searching out to hire these cars that way it should be beneficial to the club members that do this sort of work. However if Steven/Brian/Luke can limit what they put on that advert to perhaps a picture and a link to there own website/contact number or however they wish to be contacted then that would be appreciated. It's best to drive traffic to the website concerned rather than fill up this forum. I know not everyone has an interest in BTTF so this should hoefully be the better option.

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I think you've done the right thing there Chris, personally I have no interest in BTTF
and it wasn't the reason why I bought my car.

I hope things can now simmer down, toys can be returned to their respective prams,
and we can go back to being the happy, friendly forum, that we are known and respected
to be.

Happy New Year everyone ! xx
Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
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