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2 DeLoreans for hire - East Midlands Area
PAC Wrote:Hi
I was wondering how much it would be to hire a car to transport my son to his school prom. It is on Thursday 25 th June and would be going from our home address in Hucknall Nottingham to the Goosedale venue on the outskirts of Hucknall. If at this point I could get a quote to see if it's both affordable and feasible I would be grateful!

Hi Pamela, can you let me know what time of day you need the car?
Claire  - DOC-UK Treasurer
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1989/G Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6L 5dr "Guinney" -
1995/N Renault Espace RT Alize 2.1TD "Jaffa the Bus"
His prom starts at 6:30pm, so would need the car at our home address at 6 so that we could take photos etc before he left. I am assuming you would only take him there as it doesn't finish until 11:44pm! (what is normal for these dos? We've not done it before).

We really need an idea of cost to see if it's in the realms of our budget.
Thanks for your help


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