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DGS 803X Restoration
A Van Wrote:I dont really think its very droney at all, it certainly wasnt that uncomfortable on the motorway.


probably because of the silky smooth automatic transmission you have
Colchester - Essex - UK
just go the whole hog and put twin subs and amps in like me ! :lol: :wink: lol

NTH347X Mike C aka MEC
vin - #4395
DOC 639
Today I went for a nice long test drive in the delorean Big Grin

My verdict on the new DPNW antiroll bar bushes is that they are superb. The car accelerates and brakes perfectly straight and no scary wobbling on the steering under braking. As for replacing all the other bushes on the car, the car now feels really tight and there's no clonks or knocks over bumps whatsoever. Also the handling is great (and I'm on stock shocks!)

As for the stainless exhaust. I think its great. Its not too loud at all cruising at 80, and driving round town I love the pops you get when changing gear Big Grin

Also changing gear is a joy now, the gearchange is superb thanks to replacing all the rubber bushes in the linkage.

John Hervey's radiator is also good. There's no way you will get it to overheat with one of those in there Big Grin

[Image: finished1.jpg]
[Image: finished2.jpg]
[Image: finished3.jpg]
VIN: 6511
Good stuff Dan! I reckon your car has to be one of the nicest runners around now Smile Do you notice in difference in pickup with the new exhaust on, compared to running the decat pipe previously?

DPNW got back to me with a quote for the 4 bushings that connect the sway bar to the LCAs - $50, so one way or another I'll get some polys on there on mine and hopefully I'll be getting mine as tight as yours. The UJ is the main issue at the mo (the SD1 part I ordered isn't right) so I'm looking into some clever fabricators to help me out with that...

Have you got anything left you want to sort on your car before Eurotec?
VIN 7176
DOC 643
Yes I need to put my center console back in. The aircon needs to be gassed up and leak checked. Errmm I think thats it...
VIN: 6511
Awesome effort Dan Big Grin
Kind Regards,
Jonny Jones
DOC #530

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