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Full Version: Deposit paid on Vin..... 005127.
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Bought blind, late at night, on US ebay. :oops:
Guy seems as straight as they come.
All advice gratefully received.
Know I should of checked first, but has this one been in a river as well?
Excited & quite scared. :lol:
Thats great news well done, start of a great adventure.Do you mind posting a link to the advert, difficult to comment without seeing it? (you dont have to though)
There are loads of people who have imported recently who can offer great advice. Will down at Trans GlobalLogistics is great to work with and has lots of experience at importing the cars back.
The next few months will pass by very slowly. But could be the ulimate xmas presssie Big Grin
Really pleased for you 88mph!

Come on, don't keep us in suspense, a bit more detail is needed!


Just to get you out of those suspenders Mike...... :lol:
Only joking, man that looks nasty, I'll try and post some pics asap.
Will get onto TGL asap too, have you got Will's email address?
Big Grin
Congratulations 88MPH. I'd love to see some picky's….I promise I won't be rude! 5124 is also in the UK.
Great work there 88. I've had my car for 18 months now and enjoyed every minute (even when it broke down on national TV). The owners clubs offer superb support and are full of nice people too. Look forward to meeting you in due course.
Thanks everyone. Did manage to get 'some' sleep last night! :lol:
Was that the one on 'Cars the star'? Coolant hose in the high street? Perfect timing!
If so, Its your fault that made me consider a Delorean again! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Almost. It was only "For the Love of Cars" and the problem was that the otterstat failed so the engine cooling fans didn't come on. A common Delorean weakness although I'd prefer it if the car hadn't chosen that exact moment to do it. I blame Phillip Glenister's driving.
Ahhh yes that was it, "For the love of cars". Definitely was his fault if temp gauge was working! Did they help with costs?
The production company was very nice and all my expenses were paid for the day of filming (as they were for all of us when we filmed the formation shots the previous month). Rather helpfully another DOC member (Daniel Johnson) was at the filming session when my car broke down and patched it up so I could get home again.
TBRM Wrote:Rather helpfully another DOC member (Daniel Johnson) was at the filming session when my car broke down and patched it up so I could get home again.

A piece of wire across the otterstat spades to permanently keep fans on is a godsend in this situation... Some years ago mine failed, but the other way around ( fans wouldn't shut off at all until spades were pulled off)

You learn a lot about "get me homes" when you are a delorean owner!

Congratulations on your purchase 88mph, hope your shipping and registration goes smoothly!
Previous owner, (Great) Scott, has just sent me these pics. First time I've seen it!! :lol:
Grey, 5 speed Manual, Interior needs work, new seat covers/dash work, but it goes and stops apparently.
Absolutely loving it, but like to hear others opinions/knowledge..........

[Image: DSCN10191.jpg]

[Image: DSCN10171.jpg]

[Image: DSCN10201.jpg]

Tongue Tongue Tongue 8)
Looks OK to me…well done. Big Grin i'd be interested in the price, for comparison purposes…feel free to keep it to yourself or PM me if you like.

The front bumper would soon paint up OK. Check for cracking on the tyres when you get it home. I like the grooved bonnet which means it could be converted to a 'gas flap' if you wanted. Or i'd do you a swap for a 'as new' flat one I have, if you fancied one of them. Or you will probably want to leave it as it is.
I know someone with a grooved gasflapped hood with minor damage, which could probably be repaired with todays technology and skill (ie Chris Nicholson)

Weather or not he will sell it and for how much is another matter.

I can contact him for details if you are interested Chris. I believe he has used fascias and a centre console panel with clock fitted too.... I think he intends to have another DeLorean someday.....
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