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who is the best for lay up cover on a de, iv taken mine off the road till the spring and really dont want to leave it un-insured TT
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I know it was a different car but when I had Triumph Stags and the like, to get lay up or off road cover was not that much cheaper than a limited milage classic car policy. Clearly this all depends on how much you pay for your cover now Shock But probably most of us are sub £200 anyway, but its worth asking the question to a few insurers.
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I agree, I looked into it a few years ago, and it was only about £20 less to have the car 'laid up' rather then insured for road risks too.

You might as well keep your normal classic policy going, but just tell them the car is laid up until the Spring (jeez, that sounds so far away!) - you might get a few quid knocked off Smile
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right i will have to get it insured then Big Grin thanks all TT
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