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Private messages problem
I have now had two messages sent to my external email account (the first was a week or so ago) saying there is/are private messages waiting for me.

My mailbox is around 50-70% yet the two new messages are no where to be seen.

Any ideas of what the problem could be?

I have pasted the notification below:-

Hello Chris Hawes,

You have received a new private message to your account on "" and you have requested that you be notified on this event. You can view your new message by clicking on the following link: ... lder=inbox

Remember that you can always choose not to be notified of new messages by changing the appropriate setting in your profile.

emailed from The UK DeLorean Owners Club Initial setup by NickT

Chris Hawes
DOC 138
Vin 5255 Grey, 5-speed
cleared mailbox on smtp mailbox

i have sent you a test pm and a test email via the forum.

let me know if you have recieved it or not.

surely have.

I have lost two genuine messages though?

Chris Hawes
DOC 138
Vin 5255 Grey, 5-speed
I had the same thing twice. It was actually a 6 month notification delay. I received 2 PMs - in November (at a guess), but with no notification. Then I got the notifications (about 1 week apart) in May this year !!
So I would guess the notification refers to PMs you have already read.
Chris Hawes Wrote:surely have.

I have lost two genuine messages though?

Are you asking me or telling me?

"I have lost two messages." - statement

"Have I lost two messages?" - question

I suppose if your notificaiton came through quickly then it is working ok.
As a precaution I cleared the smtp mailbox at the ISP prior to sending the test.

I have not tested down to intricate workings but you may have had a notification if someone sent you a PM (i.e. it is in thier outbox).
If for whatever reason, the person decided to delete it later prior to you looking in your mailbox maybe it won't be there.

I will do this as a test to your mailbox, date stamped at the time of this posting.


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