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re filling your aircon
hi there

just some little help if anyone needs it there a company in aldridge who will now reifll your car put the new nipple on your air con and show you how to do it your self next time for the price of £44.00 the company called r.a.bennett speak to a bloke called steve bennett if you say your in the delorean club that the price he will do it for the club if this is any good to you

01922 743873
e mail

Thats a good price. Do you know what gas he uses?
Richard H. DOC 365 VIN 1274
In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.
hi richard

with out getting two technical, steve the owner give some examples today as there are a few way,s he said there is a new nipple that goes on the pipe on mine which hes doing next week then the refill hose just clips on then there you go but give him a ring hes very helpful bolke also shows you how to do it for next time

Iv had this problem with my air-con, they all seem to think everyone has got money to throw away in the south, no mate you need new hoses, pump etc. Any info on this would be appreciated love Tony TT
spending money?? that's a new one to this northerner !

NickT(ight old bugger)
billy boy

trust me on this one mate just spoke to rich h about the company who send all the air con equipment over to spain to my old man and he,s happy to help the club with doing re gasing at £44.oo to club members i went to see him today so what i do is send a photo later to show you what parts you get for your money the gas,connecotor hose,nipple, and good luck

hi all

after speaking to rich just now while his having a nice cold pint down the pub please find hopefully if i got this right the parts that steve the air con company give you and show you how to do it

[Image: DSC00268.jpg]

I've seen these kits before.
Before filling up with gas you really need to perform a full evacuation of the system to boil off any moisture and then pressure test with nitrogen before you fill with any gas. UV dye is normally added to aid leak detection. [PS do NOT use a halide torch or naked flame to test for a leak as R12 gas when burnt in a flame will produce mustard gas which is v dangerous !]

When refilling with gas the correct amount of oil is required too. R-134a requires a synthetic oil whilst the R12 used a mineral based.

These kits are OK for top up of newer systems but really the gas needs to be accurately weighed in.

Saying that though I would be interested to see what results you do get with this system but I think it would only be temporary. I have seen these kits for sale in Halfords and by the time you have bough the kits and the add on schraeder valves it comes to the same price as a proper re-charge.

Nicky boy

Steve at the regas centre has shown me a few ideas and examples on how to do it. He did say that one way was the dye but there are many more ways to do it. He said have a word with him Nick, his name is Steve.
Thanks for all the info on the air con my good friends, id rather spend that sort of money rather than the £140 i was quoted by a bloke called Robin Git, just in case it leaks,so im up for it. As for replys on here im still trying to find my way around the site so im not being lazy, im a bit fik
he he cheers Tony TT Billy

Me too, its a good forum. When you bring your car up in october, in the morning, if you want we'll take the car to the air con place, as its only a mile from my house (before we meet dave at the NEC). If you want, I'll ring Steve at the gas place to make sure he has room?
Glen Smile
Cheers Glen, i want to get up there quite earlyish as ii have to get back, so yes im mad ferret cheers Tony TT :lol:

I'm taking a mate to the airport and i'll be leaving there about 9 to get to the NEC with herman. Did you manage to get transoprt back home by air?

Hi Glen , no havent sorted out getting home yet, i did ask the missus, well that didnt go down to well ha ha,im gonna have a look now while i think of it. I will let you know and iv still got to get up on saturday as well so a lot to sort out cheers Tony TT 8)
Thats my lot, how can i sort out this aircon quick, iv been roasted alive over the last couple of weeks, missus was moaning the other day about it being so hot in the car. no comments please Smile I know the valves need changing so any idea's would be apreciated
cheers Tony TT (im melting)

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