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DeLorean News Issue 97 & Group WhatsApp Chat
The latest issue of DeLorean News has been packed up and will be mailed out in the morning. A huge thanks to those who supplied articles for it. As ever a plea for more. Anything you can put together for us would be very gratefully received, please email them to:
We are also setting up a club WhatsApp group for club members, if we have an up to date mobile number then you should get an invitation to join. You don't have to and should you not get an invite then it's likely we don't have an up to date phone number! Therefore please just drop me a message.
Just to emphasize you wont get loads of spam as it's strictly for club members only.
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2021's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584
Looking forward to getting the mag and have already Joined the WhatsApp group. 

I attach one of my favourite pictures.....At RR Raynesway, now going through a huge expansion programme providing loads more jobs in Derbyshire.  I do regret selling this one, it was the RHD with the red interior 'in bits" from Wales....I bought blind for £13K ...thoes were the days!!

 Thanks for your hard work as usual Chris W.
Chris Parnham

Ex RHD Auto's etc.etc

Main Car.. Kia E Niro 4+
Skoda Yetil 4X4.
Toyota Vitz 4X4 1999 (the smallest 4X4 by far!.
1970 Jago Jeep.

DOC Club Historian 

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