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Dipstick leakage
Right, i feel like a dipstick for asking, but I have changed the gasket on the auto transmission sump and refilled to 4.5 litres (to max when hot). Lovley jubbly. No leaks. Took her out for a spin, came back and then checked again. She is leaking from the lip of the sump, so I guess I have mucked up the sump fitting (again). Before I took it all apart I noticed it was leaking from below the dipstick area. I had issues a while back where the dipstick tube leaks where it enters the sump. The bolt that holds it tight to the sump is cross threaded so i used an o ring and wedged it back in as good as I could. It worked, but I reckon the 2 transmission gasket changes in 48 hrs has upset it. I am having trouble getting it to seal again, not as easy as it was before. I have drained the sump a little and cleaned the tube and sump area up and aPplied gasket gunk to the o rings and slotted it back in. I will wait til tomorrow and refill and see if it has worked. If it does not, does anyone have any ideas? The o ring is not an exact fit, but IT should be good enough to hold. The lack of bolt retention means it can work its way out. I am hoping the gasket gunk will seal and give me a vibration proof seal taht 'glues' the tube in.

Its such a simple pain that is causing me a headache......

Chris Reynolds
Sounds like a bit of a pain that !

If it still leaks i suggest draining the fluid and starting afresh with things take off the sump gasket etc and clean everything back up well ( finally using metholated spirits or something to give a grease free surface) I have a spare auto sump gasket if needs be.

If your using 'gasket dressing' put it all back together and torque the bolts up to the correct setting and leave overnight before filling it up with fluid to give it chance to set properly. make sure the gasket is seated correctly. Same goes for the dip stick 'seal'
Thanks Mike - the sump gasket is fine - its defintiely the dip stick - i have resealed it and am just off now to se if it leaks! wish me luck!!!!!!

Chris Reynolds
fingers crossed Wink
Its fixed! done about 20 miles - not a drip in sight (except me!)

Been out with the flux capacitor fluxing and the time circuits on. Looks lush at night.

Catch you in a few days! (i'll bring that Magners along...............) :lol:
Chris Reynolds
thats what we like to hear Big Grin TT
Tourettes Tutor
I have the X factor
TT, as a turbo expert, do you reckon I could whip the turbo out of my smart car and drop it in the old delorean? :lol:

Only 4 days to go...........................
Chris Reynolds
In a DeLorean... anything is possible Smile Smile
A good trick to seal the dipstick to the sump; use an otterstat seal that fits perfect and tight.

[Image: DSCN4253.jpg]

[Image: DSCN4252.jpg]

[Image: DSCN4254.jpg]

[Image: DSCN4255.jpg]
Raphael VIN 706 -
And if anyone wants an otterstat seal, I got one.... just to save you going to buy an otterstat just for the seal, as i don't think you can buy them on their own......

I'm getting quite a collection of old parts together now, I'll have to open A DMC museum!
I got 5 otterstats in 2 years before I got definitely rid of it and used an electronic device instead.
so i have plenty of spare seals lol
Raphael VIN 706 -

What a great idea!

Never heard that before so well done.
Why do you think they can last so long in an Austin metro, yet only a few months in a DeLorean......

I bet you have bought 5 Specific delorean ones, thats why!!! I bought one of them from Ed, and my car boiled up! Peeps, do yourself a favour, and replace with an Austin Metro one!
The AT dipstick is a bugger and will only leak after the car has stood for about half an hour because that's when the fluid drains back into the sump up above that level.

I like the tip about the otterstat seal - v useful although will it get eaten by ATF? I don't know.
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
My car had this problem, I tried replacing the O ring with wider ones, with multiple O rings and with liquid gasket.

The liquid gasket worked for about 2 months before the problem returned. I had tried everthing, and talked to a lot of people, to no avail. I was seriously considering changing the transmisson over to manual, and give up on the auto tranny completly. and then as I was sourcing a manual pedal box I read this thread. I did not believe that the otterstat bushing / seal would work, but I decided that I should try this as I had nothing to loose.

In about 10mins I had the new bushing / seal fitted and I took the car out for a spin, last Friday evening, there were no leaks, on Saturday I drove for over 100 miles and that night no ATF on the card I had placed under the car.

This fix works, the part number for the seal is 1378869.

It is not shown on the parts list but can be found on the price list fom your main Volvo dealer.

Thanks Raphael for posting this fix, I will keep my automatic!

Conor Doyle
DOC 519
VIN 10447 & 1866

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