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Steering Rack Refurbishment
[quote="ChrisS"]The rack were made by Burman, who no longer exist. They are custom to the D, though parts that make up the rack are from other cars, for instance the pinion housing is Ford Capri (same as G Esprit's). Obviously DMCH now sell their NEW racks but I believe you need the pinion from your old rack in return.

totally agree with all this..Burman rack for sure...old capri rack.

Rebuilt racks should be way waaay better as the inside ball joint slippers are made now phosperous bronze also right side rack bush much more durabale....the old rack or original rack is shite imo , old materials that don't last. I wouldn't put an original rack in my car after seeing first hand the difference in modern replacement parts. Dave H has rebuild kits.
Has anyone had their steering rack refurbed recently ? Is the company in Wolverhampton still doing them ? any idea on the current price as I realise the last was 10 years ago.

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