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Aricon Recharge
Hey Folks,

So i need to recharge my aircon before the summer and have been told the only options are R134 and RS24. I'm told RS24 is a straight swap for the original R12 whereas R134 is slightly different. From a quick look around it seems a lot of people are using R134 so i just wondered if anyone out there has used RS24 and if so what's your experience? If RS24 is a straight swap, why isnt everyone using it?

Darren Hirons
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It’s not just the gas you use, it’s the condition of your AC system components too.

How long has your system been out of operation?

Has it been left open to atmosphere at any point?

If anything on your system needs replacing, then what is the repairability potential of your system according to its condition.

RS24 is a direct drop in for R12, but it’s not as efficient as R134a and certainly not R12.

As a matter of course when recharging your system, especially after a long time of disuse and especially when changing out one type of gas for another (and therefore oil too), you’ll probably want to replace your dryer, as that’s classed as a consumable item. Depending on the age of your car, you may have an earlier designed system with the original poorer version of the dryer, or you may have the later, better setup with the later version of the dryer. That itself may become an issue. Older versus newer systems also have a difference in that the older original system has no high pressure switch/release, whereas the newer system does.

Many factors at play I’m sure you’re appreciating now.

I can say from experience that I originally had the intention of charging my system with RS24 years ago, and then after longer consideration, I decided to go completely the opposite direction and replace 100% of all my AC kit, and ordered it all before I changed my mind again. Then when it came to ripping all the old stuff out of the car to replace EVERYTHING, I had no regrets what so ever. Quite quickly it became apparent that my old system was completely shot and would never have worked again, no matter what I did with an attempted gas recharge.

I now have a full brand new R134a system which is immense in its performance and I’m very pleased indeed.

Others have nursed their systems along for years with “just putting R134a in it”, or trying out RS24, but invariably, an old, abused 40+ year old system won’t last long, and probably not operate anywhere near what it did when it was new. It’s likely it will be leaking all the time, m among the gas recharge becomes an annual exercise (expensive!).

It’s also more difficult to find people who’ll drop you RS24 compared to R134a, and it’s more expensive too.

You take your choices and you live with your decisions.

Note, I have no idea of the condition of your system. It may be tickety boo and a half, and you find you get on fine with a gas update only.

It just helps to be aware of the considerations in making your decision.

I hope that helps.
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