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Hey hope everyone is well!  Sadly in the recent crazy storm here in UK my Delorean rear sunshade/louvre got ripped up and snapped in half by the wind.  does anyone have or know of a spare on available for me to buy?   Going to try looking into maybe getting mine repaired locally but not sure if that would be possible, and i hear the expensive and very fragile for shipping from US
There's been a few time machine conversions done in the UK recently.

Which means there should be a few kicking about...
DOC 116
VIN 6237
(06 Dec 2021, 13:57)Stuart Rees Wrote: There's been a few time machine conversions done in the UK recently.

Which means there should be a few kicking about...

Yea heard that,  its just finding one now,  so angry mines been ripped in half but could have been lot worse, got hit really bad up here in Aberdeen
Sorry to hear that, that is bad news. Have you got any pics?

They can be fixed. DGo do a strengthening strip for the central rib and it may be possible to do the same down each side with strip or aluminium angle. I know of one that was repaired like this. Then vee the joints, and fill and paint? Luckily there is plenty of room underneath.

Good luck with it. And if you did get a replacement, don't throw it away, someone will have it!!
Richard Hanlon
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1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126
It might be worth contacting Dave Howarth (details in Club Mag) to see if he's got one in his
stash, or seeing if Chris Nicholson at PJ Grady in Canvey Island can help.

I recognise LDA38W as a registration, if its the one I'm thinking of, I've not seen that car in years.
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I feel like Dave H said he had one the last time I spoke to him.

Dave is still an amazing source of difficult to get parts......he does it for the love of the cars and the benefit of other club members........not as a business.

 Only today I freed off a stuck plunger, in the metering head that he supplied me. Acting under the guidance of other club members.

 I am hopeful that it may actually work once I have rebuilt the fuel system. Smile...Time will tell.
Chris Parnham

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