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OCD question 1... bonnet badge placement?
Hi, not that I'm really over-fastidious or anything, but does anyone have a set of placement ordinates for the bonnet badge, perhaps?
I've bought one 'o they stick-on 'Delorean' bonnet badges, which obvs sticks on somewhere down in the bottom left corner of the bonnet (looking from the front).. but does anyone have an 'official' set of measurements for exactly where it goes?
I could just do it 'by eye' but I'd hate to then find out I'd got it 'wrong'..!!   Confused
i've always done them by eye.....i'd be supprised if there was an official measurement ....but i could be wrong.
Chris Parnham

RHD Factory Used Auto  

DOC Club Historian 
Stick it on where you think it looks good. These cars are all different anyway and i suspect they were originally done by hand at the factory anyway
- DeLoryan
VIN 5219
Oct 81, Grey interior, 
manual, grooved hood
DOC 876
Thanks, all!
I'll go for it.

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