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Prom nights
Hi all, doing a prom night dropoff for a friend's son. No charge, as I know them well, but just wondering what people are charging for a couple of hrs and say 20 Mile round trip these days. 

Just in case I get any further enquiries off the back of this one.

Cheers Rich
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126
I would of thought you've got to be looking at around a minimum of £100 per job - plus
if you do hires, you should really add it onto your insurance. Insurers used to charge an
extra £50 a year, but not sure what the insurance rates are now, as its been over 5yrs since I last
did a paying job.
Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
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Be careful doing this. DSVA have been known to attend schools to catch out drivers. You need a special license (similar to taxis) and a different kind of insurance as youre carrying minors. If its a family member like your child for example then the rules dont apply. A guy who lives near me who has a KITT car mentioned this to me as i said to him i was considering it. Ive since changed my mind about doing this.
I believe if you are caught without the nessassary paperwork, you will be fined and possibly have your car taken and impounded where youll have to pay another fee to release the car or it could be crushed (which some limo companies have found). On top of this, the car has to be sound and fit for the road and youll likely also need the various background checks like a DBS.
I could be wrong on any of this as im going by what the KITT guy told me (hes also a taxi driver) but if the DVSA are involved im willing to bet the info is accurate. I cant remember how much the license was but it wasnt really cheap and with everything else, the costs quickly add up so its only worth doing if you can get multiple bookings.
Sadly, its not as simple as driving a kid to his prom. As usual, the government worm their way in anywhere they can to demand a "tax" or payment for a license and some parents want to know and be sure the driver is squeaky clean and not a murderer etc.
Saying all that, you can do things besides proms so you could make money in other ways.
- DeLoryan
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Ah yes, some of this is coming back to me now. Plus getting CRB checked etc!! I now vaguely remember looking into this many years ago, obviously the car has been off road since 2015!

Yep, seems like I'd better just leave it as a one off freebie for a friend.
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126

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