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Afternoon from Notts
Hi all forum members

Thought I would sign up and check the site out after talking to a few of you on Mondays meeting in Belper. 

Really enjoyed seeing so many DMC's all in one place, I was like a kid in a candy store but without my pocket money. 

I have been a massive fan of the cars being brought up in the 80s with of course Back to the Future which I had recorded from Ye Old Sky onto VHS and pretty much wore the tapes out. Then in later years became more and more interested in the man himself John Delorean and watched many documentaries about him. I have been lucky in my job as a Lorry Driver to go across to NI on many occasions and have been and visited the old plant in Dunmurry which I can just about get the lorry to turn around on the estate before the gate.

Anyway massive thanks to bringing all your pride and joys to Belper and hope to get to see them again soon at other events.

Glad you enjoyed the day and meeting and talking to some of the owners! It was a great chance to step back into society after a prolonged absence for many of us!!

I think your assessment is similar for many of us,by the way. Perhaps without the films the car would have all but disappeared, so we certainly owe them that, but at the same time the DeLorean story itself makes for quite a saga!
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126
Hi Joe,
glad you had a good time on Sunday, we're in Notts but both our cars are currently 'in progress', but hopefully
they'll be back on the road next year......

Claire and Phill (Phill had the BTTF Camcorder)
Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
Jul 1981 DeLorean - Flopsy #2292 
Aug 1989 Cavalier 1.6L - Guinney
Apr 2021 Mokka-e Launch Edition - Evie

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