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rare project for sale in UK
Hi All
My current project 5222 is for sale (i think) grey auto

regrettably need to sink cash into something....not sure what you guys think of a value.
its a painted D now mainly stripped. had a little side damage just to drivers side panels.
Chris N worked his magic so front wings and T panel fully restored.
frame is excellent, has new tank, fuel lines, pump, everything intank, filter, complete valley refurb, injectors, plunger free up, airfilter, oil change etc., new ignition switch.
she now starts but starter noisy so already have the new one i'm going to fit.
fully refurbed, powdercoated wheels to correct colour with all new tyres.
front discs refurbed rebuilt front calipers with new pistons, new pads, new wheel bearings to front. new front wheel studs, new lug nuts all round.
wiring in for fog but fog not done yet.
have new lights to fit, have powdercoated headlamp buckets and new springs ready to fit.

rear axles still have the wire wheels on, that was my next job.

passenger side is good (wing refurbed/regrained) door and rear panel have a little paint left.

tiny bit of damage to drivers door, pretty sure fixable, rear panel has some damage, Chris may fix but i have sourced another panel.

fascias are off the car and need a repaint( currently red)

screen cracked (new about £275 from Uroglas. interior is complete but will need work.

console is good apart from top damage...dash is good but would benefit from a refurb. seats okay for now, again sometime a refurb.

so anyone interested give me a shout...

have the Nova and USA title, its an October car so technically can be registered soon without a MOT.

i was thinking around the £27k mark?

i know i'll need some pics

thank you all.
Steve Saunders
ex owner vin 1621
doc 370
Hi All

will be likely be posting on ebay soon, trying to fit a few parts before taking pics...

perhaps around £26k might be about right......but anyone interested drop me an email....

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Steve Saunders
ex owner vin 1621
doc 370
Sent you a PM, really interested in the car and damn lucky to be up this late to catch it now im in a position to buy one  Big Grin
Vin: 5222, 81 grey auto "Ryuko"

2017 Ford Fiesta 1.0L EcoBoost (silver)

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