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Pictures From Lotus, Early 80's
Copied from our Facebook page:
Here are some photos I've been meaning to scan for a while. I posted them on a Lotus Europa group with some Lotus related photos but think they may be of interest here.
I would have taken them in the early 1980's at a scrapyard local to the Lotus factory.

The first photo shows three DeLorean chassis that have been run over by a JCB a few times.
Looking closely I can see that they were once fully made up cars but the bodies have been forcibly removed from their chassis.
I don't remember seeing any DeLorean bodies anywhere.

The second photo shows a close up of a DeLorean chassis and engine.
The third photo shows a pair of DeLorean Doors that have been flattened.
A couple of people in the Lotus group say these are likely to be prototypes.

Nick Pearson
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Oh my. No mistaking them is there.
Richard Hanlon
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Brilliant stuff dust for any DeLorean buff.
Chris Parnham

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I Spy 4 DeLorean doors in that last picture, Pilot doors at that. 
I'm glad someone had the foresight to photograph some interesting scrap.

I remember someone telling me a 'story' of a Lotus employee demolition derby for the pilot cars in 1983... Another myth perhaps.
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OMG !!!!
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