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Hi, a month or so ago I lost this forum from my Tapatalk app, just got error messages. I removed the forum from the app to see if it was my phone but when I tried to get it back the app couldn't find this forum. So a question for the admins. Is this forum still Tapatalk compatible?
I've absolutally no idea what 'tap topatalk is.........
Chris Parnham

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That's one for Rich H I'm afraid
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I think Tapatalk was an app for hosting webforums on mobile devices. The VODC (when it existed) used it.
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Tapatalk is indeed an app to simply view the forum, updates etc on a mobile app. I used it all the time. Much easier to use on the go than accessing via the web, and much easier to upload photos from your phone. You'll notice I haven't updated my rebuild thread since that disappeared!

Tech admin is aware...
Richard Hanlon
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Is there not a website skin or update to make the forum adaptive for small screens? We shouldn't have to be faffing with 3rd party apps.
The main website is responsive and adapts for mobile viewing, maybe we need to update to a more modern forum?
Saying that, most traffic and discussion takes place on the social channels and tradition forums don't see much love these days. It would help keep this place alive though as the great resource it is if it could be at least readable on every device.

Edit: There seems to be a load of adaptive themes on the MyBB community forums. Perhaps we can offer a dark theme as well
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We are in the process of having a new website and the forum will be updated too.

We have a man on the case at the moment, so expect some changes soon!
Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
Jul 1981 DeLorean - Flopsy #2292 
Aug 1989 Cavalier 1.6L - Guinney
Apr 2021 Mokka-e Launch Edition - Evie
Anyone have any joy with Tapatalk, or is it still out of action for everyone?
Just checked and this forum is still not listed on tapatalk.
The problem with Tapatalk is they made some changes which broke the forum.

Ideally the forum needs bringing up to the latest version of PHP, but once started it's a process has to be completed all the way to the end.

That's quite a number of hours contiguous work right there, and I'm afraid I've not had that available to me yet!

Any volunteers?  Big Grin
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Yeah, no worries. Just double checking it wasn't just me.

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