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Since replacing the bonnet release cable there is a low sounding whine constantly, it appears to be loudest when I get my ear to the boot release latch in the luggage compartment. It either changes sound or is masked when the cooling fan kicks in. Could I have dislodged something that might cause this?

Any help gratefully received.



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I would say it's a coincidence and it's your fuel pump making a whine as it sits right underneath the boot latch. 

Put some fresh petrol in and see if it goes away... might be low fuel level. 
If not take off the panel in the spare wheel well and see if the whine is indeed coming from the fuel pump.
You may need to clean inside the tank and replace the pump. Also inspect the hoses and rubber in that area for deterioration.

Again, just guessing let us know how you get on.

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As Stu suggests really, not a lot else it could be. the only other thing I thought of was a vacume leak but clearly this would not be a whine.

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