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Hello From South Wales
Hi Everyone!
My name is Sam, never owned a Delorean (yet) but Im looking to buy a project/restoration vehicle.  I have mainly spent my time building 4x4s, restoring WW2 Jeeps and I have built an amphibious 4x4 car.  I am now looking for my next project/investment.
No doubt like all people new to DMC, I will have many questions.  I have bought the Essential Buyers Guide book and have been researching and looking at various cars.  Like a few other people, I have been looking to import one from the USA. It seems the main source of DMC's is the Beverley Hill Car Club?  They seem very helpful and I like the security of dealing with a bigger known dealer at the moment.
Looking forward to learning and hearing your thoughts!
Hi Sam and welcome. I've only got one thing to say in regards to your initial post.

Be careful with your expectation on buying a DMC-12 being an "investment". Big Grin

They're great projects. Get you into all sorts of interests and topics and avenues of engineering/automotive concerns.

BHCC definitely seems to be a popular source these days. I'll let someone with actual buying experience from them make comment to them.
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Welcome Sam, I'm in west Wales and it's good to hear of another Welsh prospective owner.

My opinion is BHCC are selling at the top end for the condition. You'll be paying a premium for their 'service'
I've imported 4 Deloreans in the past and always got them from private sellers. Riskier but done right can save you a lot of money.

Maybe try PJ Grady in New York of PJ Grady in Canvey Island, Essex they may have a lead on a project car or two.
Good luck in your search and hopefully there will be a Deloreans in Wales meet up sometime soon.

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(01 Oct 2020, 17:43)Stuart Rees Wrote: Good luck in your search and hopefully there will be a Deloreans in Wales meet up sometime soon.

I'll pencil that in too! ....

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