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Bicester Heritage 18-20th September
Hi Everyone,
I hope you've all healthy & safe.

I have had a call from my friends at Brand Events (who organise carfest) the lovely lady who sorts out the vehicle & club displays is trying to put together a "Celebration of Car Clubs" and is looking at holding an event at Bicester Heritage over the weekend 18-20th September
For those who haven't been to Bicester, its an old RAF base which has the majority of buildings occupied by businesses specialising in Classic Car restoration & services, including the Heritage Academy which actively trains & promotes kids wanting to learn traditional automotive skills (and courses for Adults too) The site has many Aircraft hangers that have been converted to classic car storage. The stuff in there is just AMAZING (last time I saw a fellas collection of F40 cars into double figures, with delivery miles on them, plus lots of awesome exotica & famous race cars in storage)
For the ladies, Bicester has an amazing shopping village nearby.

This is just a tentative Post to see who would be interested in coming along, maybe one day or two, to make a nice Delorean display?

What do you think guys?
VIN 4532

The public website is now up & running for this event

You get 2 weekend entry tickets per Delorean on the stand FREE! 

(Please note these tickets do not include a drive in movie)

Please let me know if you are interested in attending any of the days

Many thanks
VIN 4532


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